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15 Best Things to do in Boston with Kids in 2024

After a day at the beaches and taking in a ball game at America’s oldest ballpark, it is time to plan some more activities in this family-friendly city. If you’re looking for the best things to do with kids in Boston in 2021, look no further!

Boston offers an array of educational and hands-on play with museums, playgrounds, animal watching and encounters.

Here are the 10 best things to do in Boston with kids that will keep them young at heart and make a lifetime of memories.

1. Jump on in

best things to do in boston with kids
Source: Jump On In – Boston

Jump On In is perfect for children to release all their energy, simply have fun and be a kid at this inflatable and jumping playground. It’s located indoors so it is a great activity at any time of the year.

The facility is well ventilated with inflatable structures throughout for children to actively play. You will find bouncing castles, inflatable slides, tunnels, interactive stations all keeping them excited, intrigued and happy.

It is the largest inflatable facility indoors in Boston offering endless bouncing fun with plenty of room and options to keep them safe. Don’t forget to bring some socks as shoes cannot be worn inside.

2. Legoland Discovery Center Boston 

a father with his child playing at LEGOLAND  Discovery Center
Source: Legoland Discovery Center – Boston

We know how much children love LEGO, it is probably one of the most common things you pick up or step on every day. At LEGOLAND Discovery Center Boston you will learn to love these building blocks just like your children do.

Your child’s imagination can run loose here with all the interactive activities, building a race car and seeing how fast their creation can go, visiting the animal-themed farm or meeting a master builder who can help them bring their ideas to life.

Enjoy a chariot ride with your family as you interact together rescuing a princess in distress or a pedal ride in a magic chamber. LEGOLAND allows you to make fun memories together.
This interactive discovery center is indoors so it makes for a great option on rainy or snowy days.

3. Museum of Science

Amazing Dinosaur Life-size Model
Source: Museum of Science – Boston

The Museum of Science will excite your child’s imagination as they sit back in awe in one of the many planetarium shows exploring the solar system, life on Mars or learning with familiar faces from Sesame Street.

Let their senses be stimulated in a 4 D experience, a live presentation with animals or as an Arctic researcher experiencing the cold first hand, literally on an ice wall. One can get a sense of how big dinosaurs were as they stand at a life-size model or explore their fossils. The moon exhibit has full-size models and there are even rock fragments of the Moon.

If you weren’t able to see everything in this wondrous museum, they offer daily streams and live webcams so your child can still enjoy and learn in the comfort of your living room.

4. Boston’s Children Museum

Source: Boston’s Children Museum

The Boston’s Children’s Museum recognizes the importance of play and the role it provides for success later in life.

This is illustrated in the endless activities available at the museum. The art lab offers hands-on creativity that you can make together or visit the construction zone where you have the opportunity to experience one’s construction site, digging and destroying.

The bubble room is a must for both adults and children having fun with all bubbles, big or small. If you are visiting with a young child up to 3 years of age, Playspace is a room designated for this age range to play, encourage creativity and explore while being supported by a parent or guardian.

5. Franklin Park Zoo

Franklin Park Zoo
Source: Franklin Park Zoo

The 72-acre zoo offers fun all year round. There are up close and personal encounters in the Aussie Aviary where “budgies” fly free and may even land on you if you have a seed stick. Make your way to Franklin Farm to enjoy farm life with donkeys, goats, ponies and sheep at the barn.

Butterfly Hollow is a seasonal exhibit in the warmer weather with free fluttering butterflies and you can have the chance to make a personal butterfly mask.

Explore the countless exhibits from the tropical forest with waterfalls and exotic greenery hosting crocodiles, hippopotamuses, lemurs and sloths. The gorilla exhibit is a close encounter experience as it has 5 areas of glass to view these majestic primates.

Zebras and giraffes roam the Savannah exhibit or hear the lions roar at the Kalahari Kingdom.
When you go home be sure to log on to their website to watch their live camera footage of all the wonderful animals you met and even enjoy a virtual tour behind the scenes.

6. New England Aquarium

shallow clear magroove water in New England Aquarium
Source: New England Aquarium

The New England Aquarium hosts thousands of aquatic animals where any age can be in awe. Let your child use their detective cap and try and find all the sea dragons as they try to camouflage in their habitat.

The rays and sharks offer up-close viewings in the shallow clear mangrove water where you can be eye to eye with these graceful animals.

The must-see stop at the aquarium is the Giant Ocean Tank that reaches 4 stories and has almost 1,000 animals within. You will be hypnotized by this serene, clear viewing structure feeling immersed in the underwater exhibit.

This tropical habitat holds an exotic Caribbean reef for a barracuda, eels, reef fishes and sea turtles and has live presentations daily. Don’t forget to look for Myrtle, a green sea turtle who is more than 90 years old!

Watch the harbor seals during a free training session and don’t miss the adorable penguin feedings where you can see over 60 of them wobbling back and forth.

7. Boston Public Garden

Swan Boat in the Public Garden
Source: Boston Public Garden

Make memories with a Boston tradition dating back to 1877, gliding through the lagoon on a swan boat in the Public Garden. Sit back and relax for 12 -15 minutes while the driver does all the work pedaling while you and your child spot the ducks and swans.

The historic public garden was first established in 1837 and continues to be a botanical treasure with fountains, monuments and greenery. Let your child run free and play, roll in the grass and enjoy the sunshine.

8. Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum

Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum
Source: Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum

This attraction is a fully immersed interactive activity for your child allowing them to be a part of American history. It is a fun way to educate children with live actors and going back in time.

Children can become a part of the re-enactment marching to Griffin’s Wharf, throw their own tea into the water and explore the 18th-century sailing vessel that has been made into a life-size replica.

9. Charles River Esplanade 

Park Land along Charles River
Source: Charles River Esplanade

Sometimes the best days are the simplest days, going back to basics and being in nature. This parkland is 3 miles along the Charles River with wide walking paths and green open space to play or picnic.

Watch the boats sail by on the public docks or for smaller children enjoy the playground and spray park on a hot summer’s day. Bring some children’s books to read together on one of the countless benches lining the trail or stop, unwind and listen to nature.

10. Martin’s Park Boston Playground

Martins Part Boston Playground
Source: Martin’s Park Boston Playground

This park is like no other in Boston with over 300 trees within, full of greenery and white daffodils, honoring the life of Martin W. Richard. This outdoor play space offers a mini amphitheater, a replica of a marooned ship and a spectacular view of the water.

Children can be free to play on the swings and slides while parents relax on benches carved from logs. The atmosphere is inclusive and offers space for children to run and let loose. 

11. Behind the Scenes Tour at Fenway Park

The legendary fenway park boston stadium
Source: Wikipedia

Take the kids on a tour of the legendary Fenway Park baseball stadium. With this Behind the Scenes Tour, children of all ages can enjoy a unique opportunity to see Fenway Park up close.

Children will learn about the history of Fenway and what goes on before a game. After taking a tour of the ground, kids can take part in batting practice or run the bases. It is an experience that will not soon be forgotten.

12. The Museum of Fine Arts

beautiful front view of The Museum Fine Art
Source: Wikipedia

Not to be outdone by the other museums, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston has plenty of programs geared for kids that they’re sure to enjoy.

The museum boasts a multitude of hands-on exhibits and interactive experiences. Kids can enjoy exploring the museum on foot, or they can take one of their many educational programs or join a special tour.

13. Fort Independence

Historic Fort Independence
Source: TripAdvisor

If you’re looking for a bit of history while you’re in Boston, head to where Edgar Allen Poe’s military career started. At Fort Independence, you will be able to see the original site of the Boston Navy Yard.

The military base was used from 1776 to 1871, and during that time it was a major supplier of munitions and supplies for all the major U.S. wars, including the Civil War, World War I, and World War II. The fort has been turned into a public park with plenty of walking trails and open space for kids to play.

2010 William J Day Boulevard
Boston, MA 02127
(617) 727-5290

14. Carson Beach

Beautiful view of Canson Beach under a blue sky
Source: Wikipedia

Who’s kid doesn’t enjoy a fun day at the beach? Situated on the South Boston Shoreline, Carson Beach features a variety of fun activities including concessions, activities, and special events.

These activities provide kids with a space to play and create memories that they will cherish for years to come.

126-171, William J Day Boulevard
Boston, MA 02127

15. Freedom Trail

Freedom Trail in Boston
Source: Wikipedia

The Freedom Trail is the perfect spot to take the kids if you want to check out some historic sites, get a little history lesson, and go on some exploring tours.

From the African-American Patriots tour to the Revolutionary Women’s tour, there’s plenty to do and see at the Freedom Trail.

Aside from tours, you can also venture off on your own and explore the sites. The freedom trail is a 2.5 mile walking trail that starts at Boston Common and travels through Boston’s most historic sites including Park Street Church, Old South Meeting House, and Paul Revere’s house.

When it comes to Boston, there’s plenty of things to do with your kids all year round. Whether you’re looking for the best museums, kid friendly activities, or just a fun day at the beach, there’s plenty to keep the whole family busy and happy.

So take some time out and enjoy all that Boston has to offer!

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