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How to Throw the Perfect Father’s Day Picnic from Your Own Backyard

Father’s Day may look a little different this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give Dad the celebration he deserves! There are lots of different ways you can enjoy the day, right at home. No need for extensive planning or Seriously!

We’ve recently teamed up with Babbling Abby, a mom of four and pancake perfectionist! She introduced us to a few ways to make Father’s Day extra special this year, starting with a backyard bash!

Check out the post below for some amazing tips on how to throw the perfect Father’s Day picnic from your own backyard.

Tips for a Fun Father’s Day Picnic

1. Keep It Simple

Other events may require tons of preparation and planning, but a picnic isn’t one of them. “It’s enough of an event to organize children for any type of gathering, so make sure to keep your backyard picnic as simple as possible,” says Babbling Abby.

According to her, all you need for a great picnic are blankets, food to throw on the grill, something to drink and quality time with your favorite people. Don’t over complicate the process with elaborate recipes, tons of food, expensive decorations and fancy decor.

Remember, the best things in life should come easy. The goal here is to celebrate dad, and that doesn’t require much more than what you already have.

2. Finger Foods Are Your Friend

Remember when we said you don’t need fancy recipes to make the day memorable! Well, we meant it!  As Babbling Abby reminds us, “simplicity is key.”

This not only makes for an easy menu that’s sure to satisfy guests of all ages, but eliminates the need for utensils. That helps minimize waste and makes the clean-up even easier!

3. Use What You’ve Got

Father’s Day should be about celebration, not stress. If you don’t have all the proper materials needed for a traditional backyard picnic, then improvise!

Turn a quilt into a tablecloth, use the flowers in the kitchen for your centerpiece, grab whatever photos of dad you have around the house and sprinkle them around the yard as decoration. Whatever you do, please don’t be afraid to get creative!

4. Make it About the Memories with Dad

Sure, planning for the day can be a little hectic at first, but don’t forget to let loose once the party starts! Remember, today is about spending quality time with the ones you love.

Don’t let the logistics of an outdoor meal bog you down. Live in the moment and celebrate all the dads in your life! As Babbling Abby reminds us, “the magic is made in the memories, and that’s what everyone will reflect on and cherish for years to come.”

Now that we’ve shared some of Babbling Abby’s awesome tips for throwing the perfect picnic, we’re ready to explore some amazing crafts the whole family can enjoy! Keep reading for more ideas on picnic decorations, presents for dad and some fun culinary creations!

Father’s Day Picnic Crafts

1. Picnic Blanket Invitations

Looking for a better way to send out the invites than plain old email? Hold off on the email invite and learn how to make personalized invitations instead!

All you need is some picnic blanket-printed scrapbook paper, scissors, the printed invitation, some glue and a ribbon. Check out the instructions below, or print them out here.

  1. Cut bottom layer of scrapbook to approximately 6”x8”
  2. Cut middle layer of scrapbook paper to approximately 5”x7”
  3. Print and cut out printable invite
  4. Layer scrapbook paper and invitation as pictured and glue together
  5. Complete invitation and add ribbon accent

2. Father’s Day Photo Frame Centerpiece

photo frame for dad

As mentioned above, there’s no need to spend a bunch of money on store-bought decorations. You and the kids can use some simple (and inexpensive) materials from around the house to make dad something special.

Follow the instructions below to make your very own Father’s Day photo frame centerpiece. All you need is a wooden frame, letter beads, pipe cleaners, hot glue, tacks and a printed photograph of your special guy!

  1. Select pipe cleaners to use for project
  2. Create Father’s Day message with letter beads and pipe cleaners (i.e. Happy Father’s Day, I Love Dad, My Dad is the Best, etc.)
  3. Wrap pipe cleaners around the base of the wooden frame
  4. Flip frame over and secure pipe cleaners with hot glue with adult help
  5. Secure photo above pipe cleaners with tacks

3. Handprint Coaster Keepsakes

family coasters

Don’t stop at the centerpiece! Keep going with the homemade decorations. Learn how to make handprint coaster keepsakes by following our instructions below. You’ll need a set of wooden coasters, acrylic paint, brush, sealant, ribbon and a paint or permanent marker to get started!

  1. Paint child’s hand with acrylic paint of choice
  2. Press child’s hand onto wooden coaster and allow to dry
  3. Write child’s name and year or age on side of coaster with paint or permanent marker
  4. Once completely dry, paint with sealant and allow to dry according to directions on sealant (adult supervision required)
  5. Stack and secure with ribbon

4. Picnic-Themed Char-kid-erie Board


Inspired by her friend, Sarah, Abby walks us through how to create our very own char-kid-erie board!

For this one, you’ll need a large serving platter, bread, some sandwich toppings, cheese, fruit and vegetables, crackers, and anything else you know dad would like to munch on!

  1. Assemble dad’s favorite sandwiches and cut into fourths and set aside
  2. Wash fruit and/or vegetables and set aside.
  3. Place sandwich fourth on tray
  4. Add fruits, vegetables, crackers and finger foods to tray
  5. Cover and refrigerate until ready to serve

That’s it for now! We hope you have a very special Father’s Day. Remember, it’s all about making memories and spending quality time together. Don’t forget to check back in with us soon for more activities you can enjoy as a family!


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