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Earth Day Questions for Kids 2024

Want to engage your kids on Earth Day by teaching them some environmental knowledge? Check out these 10 questions that will have them super excited to spend Earth Day outdoors! Fun fact: Earth Day was originally created to appeal to college students, as it falls between spring break and finals.

Q: When is Earth Day?

A: April 22nd

Q: What are the three “R’s” of waste management?

A: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Q: When did Earth Day start?

A: The 1970s

Q: True or False: Earth Day is only celebrated in the U.S.

A: False

Q: What is Arbor Day?

A: Arbor Day is a holiday following Earth Day where everyone is

Q: What is climate change?

A: Climate change is the process of the planet heating up. This is caused by things like burning fossil fuels, deforestation, farming, and pollution. Climate change can affect the planet by causing more rainfall, rising sea levels, and changing seasons.

Q: True or False: All Americans recycle

A: False

Q: Who founded Earth Day?

A: Senator Gaylord Nelson

Q: True or False: Earth Day originated in the United States

A: True

Q: Outside of the U.S., what do people call Earth Day?

A: International Mother Earth Day

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