DIY Tie-Die Eggs

Sammy’s DIY Tie-Dye Easter Eggs!

Anyone ready for a fun craft activity you can do together as a family? Then checkout Sammy’s Tie-Dye Eggs craft. With just a few materials found at home, you can create an egg-stravegant display for your Easter baskets and celebrate with the colors of Spring!

Try this at home with your family this Easter!

DIY Tie-Die Easter Eggs


  1. Water
  2. Paper Towels
  3. White Vinegar
  4. 1 White Crayon
  5. Food Coloring (Sammy recommends at least 3 different colors!)
  6. Hard Boiled Eggs
  7. Spray Bottle


  1. Gather and lay out your supplies (one paper towel per egg)
  2. Combine water and vinegar in a spray bottle (1 tsp of white vinegar per cup of water)
  3. Write a secret message with white crayon
  4. Drip food coloring onto the paper towel
  5. Spray it with the water and vinegar mixture
  6. Put on gloves (safety first!) 
  7. Wrap the egg and let it sit for 30 seconds 
  8. Unwrap the egg and reveal your hidden message! 

Lastly… share a few smiles as you marvel at your beautiful tie-dye creations! Not only is this activity fun and colorful, but it’s a great way to spend time with your loved ones this Easter. ‘Hoppy’ Easter!

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