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Enjoy This DIY Obstacle Course for Kids!

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Hope you’re ready to get moving! To keep everyone entertained in the nice weather, we decided to put together a DIY obstacle course for kids. Each challenge designed to inspire movement, exercise problem-solving capabilities, and strengthen fine motor skills. All activities can be completed using items from around the house. Check out the list below to begin.

Now that you know what items to use, it’s time to get started! Check out the instructions below for information on how to play. Remember, you can always pick and choose what activities to participate in should the kids have a hard time completing any of the steps. You can also mix up the order next time you play to keep things interesting!

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Thanks for checking out our DIY obstacle courses! Remember, there are lots of different ways you can set up an obstacle course, so don’t be afraid to try different things! We’ve even put together a few ideas for toddlers if you have young kids. The idea is to have fun. Be sure to visit our blog for more obstacles, activities, and DIY projects.

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