challenges for kids to do at a sleepover

29 Fun Challenges for Kids to do at a Sleepover

Have you recently signed up to host a sleepover party at your house? These overnight adventures can be tons of fun for the little ones, but a challenge for parents. Remember, it’s important to incorporate a little structure into the evening to keep the kids from getting bored.

To give you a helping hand, we’ve created a list of fun challenges to do at a sleepover. Below you’ll find some fun ideas on how to keep the night going strong. We’re bringing you a list of our favorite things to do at a sleepover!

1. Create Your Own Story Challenge

For this challenge, have the kids create their very own story!  Indulge their creative side and have them come up with a story to tell the group.  If they need a little inspiration, show them Isn’t Nature Great, a springtime story featuring all your favorite Great Wolf Kids!


2. Draw Blindfolded Challenge

This is a fun challenge for kids and teenagers alike.  Whoever is up first should get a pen or pencil and sheet of paper ready in front of them and tie the blindfold around their eyes. Ask them to start drawing an animal of their choice while the rest of the kids guess what it might be! You can even set a timer to make things a little more interesting!


3. DIY Pizza Challenge

This one is really fun.  Try entertaining the most universal of all love languages: Pizza! Get 16 mystery ingredients and put them in paper bags so the kids can’t see what they are.  Split the kids into two teams, each team making one pizza.  Then, have each team take turns picking paper bags.  Whatever they choose has to go on their pizza.

Once each team has selected eight ingredients they’re done!  Bake the pizza’s in the oven and once they’re done, each team member has to eat one piece of pizza off the pizza they made. Bon Appétit!


4. Yoga Challenge

Who said kids don’t love yoga?  If you’re looking for things to do at a sleepover while also getting the kids to unwind, this is it!  Have them follow along with some easy yoga poses and see if they can hold all of the poses.  Use this poster and the video below to turn them into yoga masters!


5. Whisper Challenge

An oldie but a goodie! Have the kids sit in a circle. Ask the host to think of a silly sentence and whisper it to the person sitting next to them. Watch it go around the entire circle and ask for the last person in the chain to repeat what they heard out loud. You might be surprised with what you hear!


6. Put on a Fashion Show

Tell the guests to pack a few of their favorite outfits. They can wear what they bring or swap with a friend. Create a runway by lining a carpet with some Christmas lights. Put on some music and let the fashion show begin!

7. Do the Popsicle Challenge

This is one of our favorite challenges to do at a sleepover. Grab a bunch of blindfolds and line the kids up in the kitchen. Hand each one a popsicle and ask them to guess the flavor. The first one to guess correctly wins!


8. Pillowcase Crafts Challenge

Bring out their inner artist with this DIY crafts challenge.  Let each member of the slumber party personalize their sleep station! All you need is a handful of plain white pillowcases, a packet of colorful fabric markers.


9. Do the Dizzy Challenge

Find a brave volunteer among the group and ask them to sit in a chair with wheels for this challenge. Spin the chair around in a circle for a few times and then ask the to perform a simple task, like putting on a T-shirt or walking to a different area to the room. You’ll be surprised at how hard it is to accomplish anything when dizzy!


10. Name-That-Song Challenge

Sure, there are plenty of music recognition apps out there but what’s the fun in that? For the name-that-song challenge, put together a playlist with the kids. Play parts of songs at random and watch the kids have a blast as they blurt out the titles!


11. Throw a Beach Party

One of the best things to do at a sleepover if you miss the beach! Bring the beach to you with this next activity. Use crepe paper or silk flowers for everyone in the group to make their own lei. You can always kick it up a notch by serving some tropical treats, decorating the rest of the house or by asking the guests to come dressed in theme!

12. Cupcake Art Challenge

Let the baking challenge begin!  Get a bunch of plain cupcakes at the story along with a variety of frostings and toppings. Sit the kids down at table and come up with different things they need to draw with the cupcakes, such as a unicorn or emojis.


13. Set up a Scavenger Hunt

Some people like to send their guests off with a goodie bag in hand. But why wait until the end of the party to deliver them? Hide the goods in the house and create clues to help the kids track them down. The chase might just prove better than the catch!

14. Tin Foil and Toilet Paper Challenge

This slumber party challenge for girls will bring out their inner fashionista!  Divide your guests up into two teams. Give each team a pack of tin foil and a roll of toilet paper. Ask them to create unique outfits using just these materials! They can mix and match their looks or create a uniform look.

tin foil challenge
Give each team a pack of tin foil and a roll of toilet paper.

15. Create a Spa Experience

Pick up some all natural face masks from the store and tell the guests to pack a bathrobe before heading over. Once changed, set them up in the living room to apply the masks. You can even slice up a few cucumbers to really set the scene. Throw on some ambient music and get ready to relax!

16. Mystery Wheel of Slime Challenge

This challenge can get a bit messy, but it sure will keep the kids entertained for hours.  For this one you’ll need to get some Elmer’s Gue, which is pre-made slime the kids will love (although the parents might not!).  Create a wheel of slime the kids can spin.  Whatever color it lands on has to go in their bowl.  After a few spins, mix it all up and you have your very own slime!

17. Toss and Talk Ball

Sleepovers are great but it’s not always easy to get the kids to close their eyes at the end of the night. This next activity is designed to help them wind down and get ready for bed. Take a blow-up ball and write a bunch of questions all over it using permanent marker. Have the kids toss the ball around. Whoever catches it has to answer the question closest to their right index finger before passing it off to another player!

18. Oreo Cookie Challenge

The Oreo cookie challenge for kids is always a hit because who doesn’t love Oreo’s?  To play, get a bunch of different flavors of Oreo cookies and have the kids gather around.  Blindfold each kid and have them try to guess what flavor of Oreo cookie they’re eating.  Whoever gets the most right wins!

19. Host a Movie Marathon

While not a challenge, who doesn’t love a good movie marathon?  Decide on a movie theme for the night. Once you’ve set up the queue, cozy up the room with pillows and blankets. Let the kids get comfy as you prepare a few bags of popcorn. Dim the lights and press play!

20. Blind Makeover Challenge

We hope you have a few good sports in your party! The bindfolded makeover challenge is one of the best challenges for girls to play on this list.  To get started with the challenge, split the group into pairs and send them over to a makeup station. Blindfold one person and have the other apply their makeup. Be sure to have a camera – and plenty of remover – on hand for this one!

21. Build a Fort Challenge

Forts and sleepovers seem to pair well together. Of course, they aren’t always easy to build, especially for those of us who aren’t exactly good with our hands. The good news is that there are tons of different ways to construct a fort, so why not start with a simple approach?

For this challenge, we’ve put together a guide on how to build a teepee for kids along with a scavenger hunt and lots of other activities. Your fort awaits!

building a teepee

22. Throw a Black Light Party

Have the kids decorate a few white cotton shirts with highlighter. While they’re busy creating their designs, clear out a space that you can use as a dance floor. Set up a few black lights around the room as well.

Once that’s done, have them put the shirts on, play some music and turn the lights down low!

23. Play the Flour Game

Fill up a measuring up with flour, dump it onto a plate and pack tightly. Place a a lifesaver or similarly sized treat at the top.

Have everyone at the slumber party take turns cutting the flour with a knife (or spoon). See how many turns you can take until the tower crumbles!

24. No Thumbs Challenge

Get ready to have a blast with this next sleepover challenge! To play the no thumbs challenge, divide the kids up into two teams. Select one member from each team and tape their thumbs down to their palms.

Then ask them to complete a series of tasks, like opening a door, apply toothpaste to a toothbrush, write them name and and so on. Whoever completes the tasks in the least amount of time wins the round!

25. Pass-the-Orange Challenge

For the pass-the-orange challenge, divide the part up into two teams and ask each to step into a circle with their hands behind their backs.

Place an orange under one of their chins and have them pass it to the next person in line without using their hands! Same rules apply if it drops to the floor!

26. Make Some Friendship Bracelets

Grab a few different packets of colored string. Have the kids pick out their preferred palates and get started! Some of the kids might already know a few popular stitches.

If not, you can always buy a book or look up a guide online. Once they get started, we guarantee they won’t want to start!


27. Spin the Nail Polish Challenge

Not sure what to do at a sleepover? This challenge is sure to be a colorful hit, especially if you’ve got a group of little girls on your hands! Make sure everyone has removed any old nail polish they may have had on.

Grab at least as many bottles of nail polish as you do players. Arrange your guests in a circle around the pile. Spin the first bottle – whoever it lands on gets at least one fingernail painted in that color.

Keep going until everyone has their fingers and toes complete!


28. Put on a Sleeping Bag Sack Race

Have the party hop into their sleeping bags and hop around the room or wiggle their way across like a worm! The first one to get make it to the other side wins!

29. Jelly Bean Tasting Challenge

For this challenge, grab a bag of jelly beans and sit the kids down in a circle. Give them each a jelly bean to taste while closing their eyes. Then have them guess what kind of flavor again. Record their answers and repeat the process, but make them pinch their nose the second time around.

How did this affect their ability to guess the flavor? Use it as an opportunity to teach them a little something about how the senses work together!

Did you enjoy our list of things to do at a sleepover? You can use these fun challenges for kids anytime you’re slated to host a sleepover. Be sure to check back in with us often to see what other kinds DIY entertainment we can help walk you through! You can also visit our blog for more learning activities you can do at home with the kids.


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