Fall Camping Scavenger Hunt Ideas

2023‘s Best Fall Camping Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids

While outdoor games and nature crafts are common camping activities, consider adding an outdoor scavenger hunt to the list!

A camping scavenger hunt is inexpensive, easy for all ages, educational, and fun. No matter their age, the kids will be kept active, exploring nature and connecting with one another. There are also lots of ways to entertain this kind of activity while camping.

Whether it’s an overnight family camp trip, a kids group outing, or you just need activities planned for a day trip, scavenger hunts open up a whole new world of fun!

Check out these free, printable camping scavenger hunt ideas below for your next camping trip. Families, scout leaders, camp counselors, and others can look to this list as a resource all year long!

13 Camping Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids

1. Campground Scavenger Hunt

campground scavenger hunt

Take advantage of your campground surroundings with this fun scavenger hunt.

Kids can stay close by the campsite to find things nearby like a tent, campfire, and sleeping bag. Most of the items on this list can be found at every campground, but this hunt still requires kids to get out and explore!

This scavenger hunt makes for a great family activity to truly soak in your surroundings while enjoying camping.

2. Nature Scavenger Hunt

campground scavenger hunt

Going camping is a great opportunity to get out and explore the great outdoors, and kids can appreciate their surroundings with this nature scavenger hunt.

Driving to your destination? Get the fun started early with these Road Trip Scavenger Hunts for kids.

These nature-focused items will have kids looking high and low for birds, bugs, trees, flowers, leaves, water, wildlife, and animal tracks.

This hunt is also a great learning opportunity for kids who will learn about new plants and animals as they cross items off.

3. Beach Scavenger Hunt

 beach scavenger hunt

Camping on or near the beach?  What a great spot for a scavenger hunt

This interactive hunt will have your kids digging in the sand and splashing around in the water as they find things like seashells, birds, fish, boats, beach toys, and sandcastles.

Kids will have a blast soaking up the sun and spending a day at the beach while crossing off items on their list!

4. Canoe Scavenger Hunt

canoe scavenger hunt

Hop in a canoe and head out on the water with a canoe scavenger hunt. This activity may require adult supervision, especially with young kids.

Look for animals and insects on the water, swimmers, canoers, kayakers, tubers, anglers, waterskiers, rocks, waves, lifejackets, paddles, and more.

This hunt is an excellent opportunity to explore whatever body of water is around your camp.

5. Hiking or Biking Scavenger Hunt

hiking and biking scavenger hunt

Hop on a trail and hike or bike your way through nature as you find items on this scavenger hunt. Kids can discover things unique to certain parts of the campground, lake, or forest. It’s a great way to explore all of what the area has to offer.

You can also use this scavenger hunt as a supplemental activity if you already planned a hiking or biking excursion! We will note that this scavenger hunt can cover a lot of ground and may require adult supervision for kids traveling far from the family campsite.

6. Picture Scavenger Hunt

picture scavenger hunt

Picture-based scavenger hunts are perfect for kids who aren’t reading yet but love to color! 

Kids will be able to easily find their items by looking at the pictures. They can also color them in before or after they find them.

Get the camera ready! Our list of Photo Scavenger Hunts provide even more opportunities for family fun.

This creative scavenger hunt is easy for pre-readers who still want to participate in the fun!

7. Sensory Scavenger Hunt

sensory scavenger hunt

Sensory scavenger hunts help kids truly experience their surroundings while camping.

Kids will have to use their senses to see, hear, feel and smell items on this sensory scavenger hunt. And, with adult supervision, they can even use their taste – just make sure it’s safe to do so!

This hunt is great for toddlers who enjoy and thrive using sensory play, but it’s also great for older kids who want a unique interactive activity.

8. Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

alphabet scavenger hunt

Have kids find items A through Z on this alphabet scavenger hunt. This activity requires you to get creative and find something for every letter of the alphabet!

If all the items are found, have your kids come up with more items using all 26 letters. It’s a great opportunity to teach toddlers letters and encourage them to think creatively while exploring the campgrounds.

9. Photo or Video Scavenger Hunt

photo or video scavenger hunt

A photo or video scavenger hunt is a great idea for older kids who can easily use a camera or phone and assist younger kids.

Kids can document their findings with photos and videos and create vlogs, mini-movies, or collages with their findings. Afterward, they’ll have memories of their camping trip to look back on.

Splitting up into teams for this scavenger hunt also makes for a fun competition!

10. DIY Scavenger Hunt

DIY Scavenger Hunt

Get creative and make your own scavenger hunt with things unique to your location like certain birds, insects, trees, flowers, bodies of water, wildlife, and campground surroundings.

If your kids enjoy arts and crafts, have them help create the scavenger hunt before going camping with objects they think they’ll find while camping. They can also draw each item and color them in. 

This activity is a great idea for kids wanting to help plan the hunt or parents who want to create a unique experience for their children.

11. Seasonal Scavenger Hunt

Seasonal Scavenger Hunt

Whether it’s bright and sunny or cold and snowy, these seasonal scavenger hunts are perfect for your camping trip.

Kids can find things unique to winter, spring, summer, and fall with this scavenger hunt. Seasonal items can include icicles, butterfly cocoons, beach toys, and orange leaves – there are an endless variety of fun seasonal items to find on this hunt.

12 . Holiday Scavenger Hunt

Holiday Scavenger Hunt

Is your family celebrating a holiday with a camping trip? Try a holiday scavenger hunt!

Whether it’s Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, or even a birthday, this hunt will get you in the spirit! Explore the outdoors and celebrate the season by finding holiday-themed items like pumpkins, wild turkeys, fir trees, bunnies, and more.

13. Indoor Scavenger Hunt

 indoor scavenger hunt

An indoor scavenger hunt is a great idea for bad weather days.

Kids can keep themselves entertained by finding things around the cabin like a fireplace, boots, s’more fixings, and more. The possibilities are endless with the kinds of things kids can find on this indoor hunt.

If the kids enjoyed this activity, then be sure to explore even more indoor scavenger hunt ideas from Great Wolf Lodge!

Add sensory items for toddlers or a photo or video element for older kids to make the hunt more entertaining.

14. Scavenger Hunt Experiences

scavenger hunt experiences

A list of scavenger hunt experiences is a fun twist to a classic scavenger hunt. With this activity, kids can cross off experiences they’ve had while camping.

Items for your list can include: 

  • Pitched a tent
  • Took a hike
  • Swam in a lake
  • Went fishing
  • Made s’mores over a campfire

This scavenger hunt encourages kids to be present and find fun outdoor activities to do every day. With these experiences, they’ll create lasting memories.


These free printable camping scavenger hunts are a low-cost, low-prep way to spruce up a camping trip with interactive activities. Some are a little more challenging for kids, so it’s an excellent opportunity to get the whole family involved.

Scavenger hunts are a fun way to unplug, unwind and explore the great outdoors. Whether they’re on a team with family or friends or it’s a solo effort, your kids will love this fun variety of scavenger hunts.

Be sure to check out our blog for even more activities to enjoy with the family!

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