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Create An Indoor Scavenger Hunt for Kids!

By now, we should all be experts on how to spend our time inside. Over the past year, we’ve introduced readers to tons of fun things to do while waiting out the pandemic. Today, we’re highlighting one of our favorite activities: scavenger hunts!

To better accommodate the need to stay inside and socially distant, we’re moving things inside. heck out the list below for a few fun ways to create an indoor scavenger hunt for kids!

Indoor Scavenger Hunt Ideas the Kids Will Love

scavenger hunt ideas for kids

Scavenger hunts don’t just provide opportunities to get the kids up and moving. These activities can help children learn to follow directions, practice problem-solving, and boost their observation skills. Read the list of scavenger hunt ideas below and see what one the kids want to try first!

Artsy Indoor Scavenger Hunt

This is one of our very favorite scavenger hunt ideas! An art scavenger hunt is a great way to tap into the kids’ creative side while keeping them entertained inside.

You can keep the fun going out of the house as well! Check out this post to learn how to organize a scavenger hunt at the mall.

Create a list of items from around the house that the kids can turn into unconventional paintbrushes. If you aren’t sure what items to include, think about using a fork, toy animal, small cup, spatial, and so on. You can also refer to this guide for more information.

Set up a paint station while they’re running around, trying to spot everything on the list. We recommend covering a flat surface with newspaper pouring different colors of paint into a few large trays.

Once they’re done hunting, ask them to dip the objects found into the paint and stamp them onto their canvas. Celebrate the interesting designs they form as a family!

Wintery Indoor Scavenger Hunt

It’s always scavenger hunt season at Great Wolf Lodge, no matter what time of year it is! Get a taste of winter during the warmer months with this next activity. Compile a list of winter-related objects located throughout your home. Leave a few scavenger hunt clues for kids to find around and see how long it takes them to figure out.

For instance, if the scavenger calls for a scarf, then one of your scavenger hunt clues could read, “In a winter storm, I keep your neck warm.” If you want the kids to find a pair of boots, you can use, “I start with the letter B, and your feet go inside of me.”

Indoor Scavenger Hunt for Sensory-Motor Skills

This next scavenger hunt is a great way to get the children moving around! Walk around your home and grab a few things the kids can engage with using their sensory-motor skills.

Think about things that will get them moving, touching, listening, and interacting with their environment. Ask them to find something to climb, something that is heavy, something that is squishy, and so on. You can also find things for them to crawl under, balance on their head, or walk across.

Indoor Scavenger Hunt with Colors

This one is a great activity for toddlers and young kids who are still learning about shapes and colors. Distribute a white paper bag to each child participating in the scavenger hunt. Scribble small squares onto the front of the bag using different color markers.

Then, tell everyone participating in the game to find different objects that contain the same colors drawn on the bag. Use a black marker to cross out the squares as they go. The first one to spot something in every color wins!

Sight Word Scavenger Hunt

This game is a great way to practice spelling with the kids. Grab a stack of sticky notes and write out all the letters of the alphabet on separate sheets. Then, prep a dry erase board with some familiar sight words, with boxes for each letter of the word next to each word (if you don’t have a dry erase board, you can use plastic plates or large pieces of paper instead).

Distribute the sticky notes around your home. Ask the kids to find each letter and stick it inside each square beside the corresponding word on your dry erase board. After the notes are in place, take the opportunity to read each word together and spell them out loud!

Indoor Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts are a great way to spruce up a traditional scavenger hunt. Take some time to carefully craft your treasure hunt clues. Create some fun riddles for the kids to decipher.

Remember, you don’t want to make things too easy for them! This approach will also help them practice their critical thinking skills. Divide the kids up into groups to help them practice teamwork.

If you want to move the activity outdoors, be sure to check out outdoor scavenger hunt ideas! Follow this link for our printable instructions.

More Scavenger Hunts From Great Wolf Lodge

scavenger hunt clues for kids

You can also enjoy some scavenger hunt fun at the lodge!

All you have to do is visit the four scavenger hunt stops located throughout the resort. Snap a photo at each destination. Present your photos at Buckhorn Exchange or the MagiQuest shop and collect your digital certificate from a Great Wolf Pack Member. Check out our Scavenger Hunt Spring Breakout page for more information.

Be sure to explore our blog for even more ways to have fun with the whole family. We’ve got a little something for everyone to enjoy, from original recipes, crafts, costumes, and more!

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