water park tarp - Backyard Water Park Ideas From Great Wolf Lodge

Backyard Water Park Ideas From Great Wolf Lodge

Creating a backyard water park is a fun way to keep the kids entertained during the summer months. This DIY activity allows families to work on something special together.

It’s also a great way to beat the crowds and high prices popular summer destinations typically attract. We promise it doesn’t take much to get started. Most of these activities can be put together using a few simple items found around the house. Check out our backyard water park ideas below.

Create a Water Park in Your Own Backyard

Forget about a swimming pool, you and the kids can beat the heat this summer with these backyard water park ideas instead! Enjoy them one at a time or storm through them all together. These activities are also a great way to celebrate birthday parties, create obstacle courses, and more! Read the information below to get started on your backyard water park.

1. Create a DIY Splash Pad

These DIY splash pads are easy to put together! All you need is a tarp, some duct tape, a pair of scissors, an empty two-liter bottle, and access to the hose.

Step 1: Parents, poke a few holes in the bottle using your scissors. We recommend focusing on the sides and towards the bottom of the bottle.

Step 2: Head outside and position your tarp in the backyard. Make sure it is within distance of the hose.

Step 3: Connect the bottle to the hose and place in the center of the tarp. Watch the little ones have fun!

diy backyard waterparks

2. Create Your Own Slip n’ Slide Using a Tarp

This is one of our favorite ways to beat the summer heat. Create your own slip n’ slide using a tarp, some dish soap, and a garden hose.

Step 1: Position your tarp in the backyard. Cover in dish soap.

Step 2: Spray with water so that the surface gets really slippery.

Step 3: Give the kids a running start and watch them slide around the backyard!

3. Put Together a DIY Noodle Sprinkler

All you need for this next activity are a few pool noodles, some tape, string, skewers, a pair of scissors, and a hose.

Step 1: Tape your pool noodles together so that they form a circle. Make sure you pull the tape taut so there won’t be any leaks.

Step 2: Use the skewers to poke holes in the noodles.

Step 3: Cut a small opening into the top of the sprinkler using your scissors. Insert the hose and secure it in place using some more tape.

Step 4: Attach the sprinkler to a tree limb or a pole using some string. Then, simply turn on the hose!

If you enjoy this activity, then be sure to check out these cool hose games for kids

4. Play Water Balloon Dodgeball

This is one of our favorite DIY ideas! Grab as many water balloons as possible and painter’s tape to begin.

Step 1: Divide the group up into two teams. Designate a line in the yard they aren’t allowed to cross using painter’s tape.

Step 2: Fill up your water balloons and place them in a bucket in the center of the field.

Step 3: Let the games begin! Make sure each team member knows their goal is to hit their opponents with as many water balloons as possible. Anyone who gets soaked is out!

backyard water park activities

5. Create a Water Blob for Your Backyard Water Park

Relax on this cool, dry play surface during a hot day. All you need is a large piece of plastic sheeting, an iron, some parchment paper, and access to the garden hose.

Step 1: Fold the tarp in half. Use an iron to seal the three open sides together, but make sure to leave a small hole for the hose. Use your parchment paper between the iron and the sheeting so that the material doesn’t melt.

Step 2: Fill the tarp up with water and seal the hole. You can also add glitter or food coloring for a fun little pop.

Step 3: Tape up the hole and let the kids start sliding around! You can spray the water blob with the hose to make it a little more slippery.

6. Set Up Some Water Balloon Piñatas

All you need for this DIY backyard activity are some water balloons, some string, and a plastic bat.

Step 1: Fill up your water balloons about halfway to capacity.

Step 2: Tie some string around the knot and hang them from a higher surface (if you have a swing set, the monkey bars are a great place to start).

Step 3: Have the kids form a line. Give the first in line a plastic bat and tell them to start swinging. If you want to blindfold them, you can. If not, you can simply tell them to close their eyes!

7. Create a Kid Wash

Get the kids cleaned up before heading back into the house! All you need to create your very own “kid wash” are a few PVC pipes and a garden hose.

Step 1: Create your outdoor shower using PVS pipes and drill a few holes into the structure.

Step 2: Attach a garden hose and send the kids through one by one!

diy backyard water park

8. Get Some Cheap Inflatables for the Water Park

Don’t forget about the details! Head over to big box stores like Target or Walmart and peruse their selection of inflatable pools, sprinklers, slides, and toys. Summer pool items go on sale regularly, so call ahead and see what kinds of deals they can offer.

Sprinkle your purchases around the backyard. You can even create stations using these inflatable items. Think about filling up an inflatable pool with water balloons, for instance. Or maybe the kids would prefer taking turns going down an inflatable water slide instead. You can also pick up a unicorn sprinkler or inflatable slip-and-slide. Mix it up and see what everyone likes best!

inflatable water park

More Water Activities From Great Wolf Lodge

We hope you had a blast with these DIY backyard water games. Don’t forget to take a photo of your water fun. Post to social media and tag us @greatwolflodge! Check back in with us soon for even more summer activities.

Each week, we’ll be providing new recipes, crafts, and activities you can do from home. We promise you won’t want to miss out on what Wiley and the rest of the Great Wolf Kids get up to next!

You can also visit us at the lodge. Each stay includes water park passes, lodge entertainment, and at-home comfort. Our indoor water park resorts offer family-friendly fun all across the country. From splashing to relaxing, there are slides and rides for every age and ability.

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