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10 Family Getaway Activities at our Indoor Waterpark

Looking for a family weekend getaway near you? With 19 locations (US & Canada) and growing, we have your weekend getaways and staycations covered. Here’s a list of the top 10 activities you’ll find at our family getaway resorts.

#1 Indoor Water Park

fort mackenzie - 10 Family Getaway Activities at our Indoor Waterpark

Let’s start off with a splash as we take a deep dive around the lodge’s epic indoor water park where you’ll find rides for the whole family! Rides include Fort Mackenzie where kids can climb a four-story water fort treehouse to play among the toys and slides and get splashed by the HUGE water bucket that dumps 500 gallons of water! This adventure is family fun for all ages, including toddlers.

For a thrilling, adventurous ride that will leave your kids’ and teens’ hearts pounding, check out the Wolf Tail where the floor will drop under them as they hurl down a 20-foot free-fall followed by 360-degree loops! They’ll feel their pulse race as they slide down and loop around in a spine-tingling ride.

#2 Toddler Events

character appearances - 10 Family Getaway Activities at our Indoor Waterpark

The lodge has events for kids of all ages, even your littlest ones. Toddlers can enjoy special events meant for younger age groups such as character appearances where tots will meet the Great Wolf Kids characters throughout the day. A perfect photo opportunity!

Tots will also enjoy story time where they can wrap up their daytime adventures with live stories just before bed. They’ll come in their comfiest PJ’s and listen to some fun stories to help them wind down and sleep like a log!

#3 Attractions for Children

children attractions - 10 Family Getaway Activities at our Indoor Waterpark

Kids can enjoy the lodge’s featured activity – MagiQuest! This is where they can deepen their love of games by participating in a live-action adventure. With a special wand in hand, kids can travel to the realm of imagination or even travel to the future! With multiple quests, there is tons of fun that awaits them.

Children can also enjoy Lazer Frenzy, a laser game where the goal is to avoid the beams of light in order to win! Kids will hop, skip, jump, bend, reach all the way around to dodge the laser lights in this fast-paced adventure game.

#4 Teen Attractions

mini golf - 10 Family Getaway Activities at our Indoor Waterpark

Teens will have a blast when visiting the lodge during a family weekend getaway! They’ll enjoy the Northern Lights Arcade that is filled with amazing games, prizes and fun! The lights and action will connect with your teen’s energy and fuel them as they play new games and old favorites.

Teens can also enjoy playing a round of Howl at the Moon mini golf with the forest around them as they play! It’s nine howlin’ holes of fun!

#5 Rides Adults Will Love

howlin tornado - 10 Family Getaway Activities at our Indoor Waterpark

Adults will really enjoy some of the exciting indoor water park rides at the lodge including River Canyon Run. In this raft water ride, twists and turns take adults and families across the river in an exhilarating feat of fun!

Other fun rides for adults include Howlin’ Tornado, where adults will drop through 6 stories in a raft built for four. Adults will experience tilts and turns right up until the end!

#6 Spring Events!

springbreakout - 10 Family Getaway Activities at our Indoor Waterpark

From March 4th-May 1st you can come to the lodge on your family getaway for Spring Breakout! Now that it is Spring Breakout, there are special, spring themed events to help celebrate this new season of growth, sunshine and good weather! Events include spring arts and crafts, a special Sunshine Celebration Dance Party and of course, lots of character appearances! Book your getaway today to enjoy these special spring events!

#7 Shop ‘Til You Drop

build a bear - 10 Family Getaway Activities at our Indoor Waterpark

After a day of fun at the water park and all the fun attractions, families will be ready to shop! First stop, the Build-A-Bear Store! Here kids can create a family getaway keepsake. The Great Wolf Kids will seem to come to life all customized with fun outfits, accessories and more!

Second stop, the gift shop! Here you’ll find something for everyone in your pack so you can take these family getaway memories with you. The lodge has clothing, accessories, jewelry and more to help make memories that last a lifetime.

#8 Standard, Premium & Themed Suites for the Whole Family

gwl suites - 10 Family Getaway Activities at our Indoor Waterpark

When it’s time for bed the family will be in for a treat! Whether you choose standard, premium or themed suite there is an option for every sized family as well as accessible rooms to accommodate everyone. Check out all the options here.

#9 Dining

gwl dining - 10 Family Getaway Activities at our Indoor Waterpark

Delicious food is at the heart of every family getaway experience and at the lodge we take that to heart with yummy pizzas, pastas, salads, burgers, chicken tenders, Ben & Jerry’s and more! There are many mouth-watering options that are sure to please all palates! Our dietary accommodations can help pack members that have allergies so let us know how we can help!

#10 Day Passes

gwl day passes - 10 Family Getaway Activities at our Indoor Waterpark

Looking for a shorter family getaway near you? Maybe you’ll start the pack off with one day of indoor water park fun. You can check out our day passes where you can enjoy every ride in the water park for some all-day fun! Passes are free for kids 2 and under, so bring everyone in your pack!

Those are just some of the fun attractions and events at the lodge! To find a weekend family getaway near you, check out a nearby lodge!

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