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What to Expect from Great Wolf Lodge’s Summer Camp-In

As the school year winds down and you look ahead to summer vacation, you might be wondering how to fill the time and make memories that your kids (and you!) will enjoy. You don’t want the stress of potential summer pitfalls to ruin the excitement that comes with planning a family trip, and you can’t imagine a summer without a family getaway full of happy times and memories.

Lucky for your family, there’s a way to nix the possibility that thunderstorms could ruin your day at the pool or that dangerous surf could disrupt your week at the beach. Instead, take the uncertainty out of your trip and plan to treat your family to a summer camp experience that everyone can look forward to without trepidation—and one that you will never forget! Head to Great Wolf Lodge’s Summer Camp-In this year and enjoy our 84-degree water park, rain or shine.

Summer Camp-In is full of educational and interactive experiences that encourage teamwork, creativity, and exploration. It is a great way for families to enjoy a vacation while also participating in fun and enriching activities together. You won’t want to miss this!

Check out this awesome poem by Erin Mullinix to get excited about camping this summer.

summer camping at great wolf lodge - What to Expect from Great Wolf Lodge’s Summer Camp-In

Summer is the time of infinite fun, filled with what dreams are made of. Come alive and unwind together during Summer Campin at Great Wolf Lodge. We take the responsibility of planning logistics, researching engaging activities, and booking itineraries out of your hands so you can feel like a carefree kid again. Just sit back and simply enjoy summer camp.

Blaze new trails to Summer Camp-in at Great Wolf Lodge and make family memories that will last all summer long!

A Day in the Life of Summer Camp-In Trailblazers

summer camping activities

8:30 AM: You and your wolf pack head to the character breakfast buffet to fuel up for a day of summer fun. Watch your kids’ eyes light up while they high-five Wiley the Wolf near the juice station and again when Oliver the Raccoon visits your table.

9:30 AM: You’ve savored your scrumptious meal, and now your day at Summer Camp-In can officially begin. As your pups attend the flag-raising ceremony and learn the camp song, you feel transported back to your own days at summer camp—and you’re thrilled to watch your kids create their own memories.

Father and two sons do outdoor yoga.

11:00 AM: You encourage your kids to make the most of their Summer Camp-In experience and take the Trailblazer Challenge,a special program in which kids can join extra activities, earning badges, and rewards!

After the excitement of winning a round of Camp Bingo, they earn a Camp-In badge by stretching their limits and practicing mindfulness at a poolside yoga session. The expression of calm focus on their faces is a marvel.

Young boy and his mom play with a beach ball.

NOON: As the summer sun reaches its midday zenith, the fun has only just begun! You and your pack celebrate summer together at the biggest, splashiest pool party you’ve ever seen. Bad weather can’t dampen this pool party!

Laugh with your fellow pack leader as your pups break out their signature moves at the Camp-In dance party. Together, you shake off the stress of adulting while you move and groove with your pack before taking a break to enjoy refreshing shaved ice from a nearby cart.

Little girl riding a water tube in a lazy river.

1:30 PM: Your Trailblazers cheer each other on during the current Trailblazer Challenge: a lazy river rubber ducky race. Then your whole pack howls with laughter as each of your pups try to make it into the next round of Camp Limbo.

Close up of a boy with raccoon face paint.

5:00 PM: You get to relax and enjoy watching your intrepid Trailblazers stay busy and entertained during early evening activities. They proudly show off their creations at an outdoor arts and crafts session before the whole pack gets transformed with colorful face paint.

6:30 PM: As the daylight dims, your nighttime fun revs up. Your pack indulges in a camp-style BBQ dinner—one you don’t have to shop for or cook! Just enjoy the family time and reminisce about your own family cookouts from your childhood summer days.

girl eating smores

7:30 PM: After dinner, enjoy an evening around the campfire, eating ooey-gooey s’mores and holding your sleepy wolf pups tight as they listen intently at Story Time.

Your heart melts right along with the chocolate and marshmallows as you make new summertime memories with your wolf pack.

Unpredictable summer weather could have you packing swimsuits and raincoats, sweatshirts and tank tops, flip flops and rain boots—but you’ve simplified your suitcase. This summer, you’ll take some time for family fun at Great Wolf Lodge’s Summer Camp-In, where there’s no such thing as inclement weather. Grab your pack and head to your nearest lodge for an unforgettable summer of family fun!

Young boy in sunglasses high-fives Wiley Wolf at Great Wolf Lodge.

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