Valentine's Day Craft for Toodler

14 Valentine’s Day Crafts for Toddlers in 2024

Valentine’s Day crafts for toddlers is a great way to get your little ones’ creativity flowing.  Whether the finished product is for mom, dad, or grandma and grandpa, the kids are sure to have fun making their own original creations.

These craft ideas are also a fun way to get over the mid-February winter slump, restoring some much-needed cheer to the whole family. Enough to keep you going until Easter, for sure!

Remember, the world of Valentine’s Day crafts is pretty limitless. There are tons of opportunities here, from handprint frames, heart-shaped sun catchers, and other kids’ craft room originals. Check out the list below for some more great ideas on how to keep your toddler busy this Valentine’s Day.

14 Fun Valentine’s Day Crafts for Toddlers

Salt Dough Footprint Keepsake

heart crafty things

A salt dough footprint keepsake is a sweet and sentimental way to remember just how little your baby was once they’re older!  You can even position their feet in the shape of the heart to keep things in theme with the holiday.

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Once the dough has hardened, your preschooler can paint it and decorate it with whatever accessories you have available. If feet aren’t your thing, you can always use their hands for the mold instead.

Heart-Shaped Sun Catcher

use bubble wrap, contact paper, or paint to create these valentine day crafts

Creating a heart-shaped sun catcher is a great way to spend Valentine’s Day with the kids! All it takes is a piece of cardboard, a piece of clear paper, and some glitter. These fun little creations can be used as gifts, window decorations, or more. Who knows, the kids might even want to keep their suncatchers for themselves!

Handprint Frame

valentine day crafts for toddlers

That’s right; there’s another salt dough activity on the list! Handprint frames make for a great Valentine’s Day gift. All you have to do is take a salt dough mold of one of their little hands, create a heart-shaped cut-out in the middle using a cookie cutter, and glue a photo of your toddler to the back once it’s dry!

DIY Heart Stamp Art

toddler valentines day crafts

Who doesn’t love the DIY approach? You don’t need to invest in fancy tools and materials to create Valentine’s Day crafts with the kids. You just need a few items found around the house.

All you really need to get started with these DIY heart stamps are some clothespins. Glue a piece of heart-shaped felt onto the end and dab it with some two-ingredient glossy paint.

Your preschooler can use these stamps to create a pretty valentine’s card or even as a tool to decorate other crafts.

Valentine’s Day Shaving Cream Cards

create your own valentine cards this holiday

Did you know that shaving cream creates cool effects when mixed with food coloring? These Shaving cream cards provide an excellent, hands-on experience for the kids. They’re also sure to make some fantastic colorful patterns! All you need to do is mix a little bit of food coloring with a lot of shaving cream, then press some construction paper flat down on the mixture.

Toilet Paper Roll Heart Stamps

diy valentines day crafts

Another craft to incorporate into the DIY kit includes toilet paper roll heart stamps. Collect a few empty toilet paper rolls before you have the opportunity to throw them away. Bend the toilet paper roll into a heart shape and secure using tape.

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Ask your toddler to dab the ends into some colorful paint and “stamp” your Valentine’s Day cards. Not only is it a fun, tactile activity for the kids, it’s also a great lesson in recycling!

Puffy Paper Bag Hearts

diy crafts for valentines day

This Puffy Paper Bag Heart is an excellent, hands-on activity that allows the kids to experiment with different types of materials. It’s also a great way to introduce them to new vocabulary and practice those fine motor skills.

To begin, fold and cut your paper bag into a heart shape. Next, get your child to decorate their paper bag with paint, glitter, tissue paper, and other available accessories. Punch holes around the perimeter of the bag, and feed the string through.

This Valentine craft also presents opportunities to teach the kids about color mixing and basic sewing.

Rainbow Heart Valentines Card

create heart shapes and other fun crafts this valentines day

A rainbow heart valentines card isn’t just a fun craft; it’s also an incredibly easy-to-execute activity, which makes it great for entertaining toddlers. 

Simply cut out different-sized love hearts from different sheets of cards, preferably the colors of the rainbow. Next, arrange these cut-out hearts in height order. Glue them together, one on top of the other so that the colors overlap. Leave some space in the middle to write a special message for whoever this gift is intended for!

This is a great way to introduce the kids to the concepts of size, and it’s also a great way to reinforce those developing fine motor skills.

Paper Plate Valentine Crafts

valentines day crafts are a wonderful way to keep the kids busy

Time to bust out the paper plates because, as it turns out, there’s a whole host of crafts and activities they can help you accomplish. From twirlers to dream catches, shaker toys to heart-weaving endeavors, there are tons of fun ideas you can bring to life with these diverse craft materials. Follow this guide from Red Ted Art for some good paper plate craft ideas.

Valentine’s Day Handprint Cards

older kids also enjoy valentine

Your child’s handprint has probably snuck its way into a few Mother’s Day cards, so why not introduce it into your Valentine’s Day crafts as well! There are tons of different things to create, including love bugs, swans, ladybirds, and more. All you need is some water-based paint, construction paper, and some school glue to get started. Follow this Valentine’s day craft guide to get started.

Fingerprint Vase

 use these craft ideas year-round

Don’t spend money on a vase for your Valentine’s Day flowers; create one instead! Get the kids involved with this fingerprint vase activity. All you need is a cheap vase and some acrylic paint to get started. It’s easy to do and produces super cute results. With activities like these, it’s no wonder why we love Valentine’s Day!

Wax Resist Valentine’s Day Cards

find lots of craft ideas at Great Wolf Lodge

Surprise the kids with this mysterious Valentine’s Day craft. These wax-resistant cards are a great way to teach kids about how different materials mix together. All you need is some wax or crepe paper, watercolor paper, crayons, and a bowl of water to get started.

To begin, fold your watercolor paper in half. Then, create a heart shape using scissors (you can help the little kids with this step). Next, write down the receiver’s name using crayon. Finally, take pieces of crepe paper and use them to paint the cards. Be sure to cover the surface before you begin to avoid stains!

Valentine’s Day Noodle Necklace

 adorable holiday crafts

Making noodle necklaces is a pretty routine activity among preschoolers, and it can also make for a fun Valentine’s day craft. You can also turn a traditional pasta necklace into something more thematic using pink or red paints. The kids are free to wear the finished product or incorporate them into other DIY projects.

Valentines Wreath

preschoolers love doing crafts

A valentines paper plate wreath is a great way to make some accessories for you and your toddlers. All that’s needed is some paper plates, colorful tissue paper, ribbons, and craft paint. Simply cut out the center of the plate and decorate the edges. Punch a hole in the top and loop some string through to hang it up around the house!


We hope you enjoyed our list of Valentine’s Day crafts! There are plenty of ways to celebrate the holiday, from creating vases, picture frames, suncatchers, and more. Whether the kids are planning to keep these crafts for themselves or give them to someone special, they’re sure to have a good time.

Even better, these ideas present opportunities to teach the kids about shapes, colors, and different ways to use their hands and imaginations. Be sure to check out our blog for even more DIY crafts!

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