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Celebrate Parent’s Day at Great Wolf Lodge

Parent’s Day is almost here, right on the fourth Sunday of July! This day was created in 1994 under President Bill Clinton. Even when it’s not Parent’s Day, we want to always show appreciation to the dedication parents have in raising their children filled with days of fun alongside hard work on all days of the year by having a great vacation spot here at Great Wolf Lodge.

Vacation Activities for Parents

Spending Parent’s Day at Great Wolf will offer a variety of fun activities just for parents to enjoy. With wine services, cocktails and hot tubs, Great Wolf Lodge has everything you need for a Parent’s Day Off. Kick back, relax and let us help you plan the family vacation of your dreams.

  1. Sip & Savor Pass includes breakfast cocktails, wine down packages with food, glow golf tickets, tiki drinks and other goodies.
  2. Hot tubs, whirlpool hot spas, and jacuzzies available for a relaxing dip in water.
  3. Fitness Centers with cardio equipment, weights, flat-screen TVs, and even towel service so you can stay on top of your health and gain some endorphins.
  4. Access to coffee at a nearby Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts to get you pumped for every vacation day.

There’s plenty more to discover for parents at Great Wolf Lodge while your kids have fun in the pool or watch a show. Visit your ideal Great Wolf Lodge location to get more lodge specific amenities and activities to enjoy.

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