Little girl smiles at her reflection inside the mirror maze of Oliver's mining.

Check Out Our New Attraction: Oliver’s Mining Company

Bringing to life gemstone mining for kids and adults alike!

Your pack has spent the morning at the waterpark, you’ve had lunch and now you’re looking for fun way to spend the rest of your afternoon. It’s the perfect time to explore Oliver’s Mining! One of our newest attractions, Oliver’s Mining gives families an opportunity to learn together and bond while enjoying an interactive mining experience for kids. 

Kids running towards the mining attraction as Oliver, the character Raccoon holds the door for them.

What’s gem mining all about?

Oliver’s Mining lets kids mine for gemstones in a safe and fun environment. Plus, everyone’s a winner! The experience begins with the entire family finding their way through our mining themed mirror maze where they’ll solve puzzles based on Oliver’s instructions, helping him find valuable moonstone gems. The mirrors are built with video animations and multiple steps to keep the mine exciting. 

Once your pack has made your way through the puzzle-filled maze, your little miners will find themselves in the gem cave room complete with the grand finale, the moonstone!

Little girl smiles at her reflection inside the mirror maze of Oliver's mining.

After your kids have completed their mine experience, it’s time to head to the sluice (a small wooden box used to sift through dirt) to discover what gems are in their pay dirt. The entire family will have a great time looking through their bags to find and identify what unique gems are inside. To help the kids identify the gems, we’ve also set up a learning station along with identification cards where you can compare the gems to an image.

Little girl showing off rock she found in her mining slough.

We’re howling about this new mining experience where kids will be able to learn all about how gemstones are excavated while also taking home some special gems of their own! Learn more about Oliver’s Mining at!

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