hydration day

Let’s Celebrate National Hydration Day!

hydration day - Let's Celebrate National Hydration Day!

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It’s getting hot out there! Fortunately for us, it also happens to be National Hydration Day, which means we’ll be drinking plenty of water.

This year, we decided to add a little flavor to the celebration. Check out the video below to learn how to make Violet’s favorite fruit-infused ice cubes. All you need for this DIY activity is an ice tray and the fruit you want to use. You can also include some herbs or veggies if that’s more your thing!

recipe card - Let's Celebrate National Hydration Day!

Don’t forget to take photos of the fun and post them to social media! Be sure to tag us @greatwolflodge. You can also explore our blog for more ways to enjoy your time together as a family.

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