mocktailsblogimg gwl et6bF - From the Lodge: Make Your Own Mocktail!

From the Lodge: Make Your Own Mocktail!

mocktailsblogimg gwl l5a3s - From the Lodge: Make Your Own Mocktail!


What better way to welcome the New Year than with a cocktail in hand?

Of course, 2020 wasn’t your average year. This sendoff deserves a little something special. To help secure the perfect menu, we’ve solicited the advice of expert mixologist Michael Alexander.

He’s even found a way to get the kids involved! According to Michael, these drinks can be enjoyed with or without alcohol. If you want to turn the toast into a more family-friendly affair, skip the booze and turn cocktail hour into mocktail hour instead.

Tune in for our Facebook LIVE event to see the Mocktail Mix-Off in action. We’re kicking things off on December 28 at 5:30 PM, EST. We also heard that Michael will be joined by a very special guest during the segment, so don’t forget to watch until the very end!

Make sure you have all the ingredients listed below so you can follow along at home:


Remember, you can use this activity to make the most of your time away from family and friends. Just because you won’t be celebrating in person doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the event together. Share this post to connect with folks social distancing this season. Hop on a video call after the event to discuss what you’ve learned!

Great Wolf Lodge is committed to helping create family traditions, one family at a time. This year, we’re looking to take that mission out of the lodge and into your home. Check out our blog for more activities.

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