Happy Child at Candy Shop

Candy Shop for Kids at Great Wolf Lodge

The Great Wolf Lodge Candy Store has all of the treats to satisfy your sweet tooth! Come join us to celebrate National Sour Candy Day on July 18th.

About Sour Candy

Sour candy did not take off in popularity until the end of the 19th century within the U.S. Many brands contributed to the creation of sour candies but it really took off during Halloween when everyone experiments with more candy flavors to share with one another. Now, we can enjoy sour candy whenever, wherever, even during the summer months!

Candy Shop at Great Wolf Lodge

To celebrate Sour Candy Day with us, visit the candy shop with your wolf pack and enjoy delectable confections like jelly beans, chocolate and plenty of sour candy.  Nothing like a family break time activity while making the kids happy at a candy store. Choose from a wide assortment of packaged candies and chocolates or create a candy mix of your favorite sweets from our bulk candy selection.

Family at Candy Shop - Candy Shop for Kids at Great Wolf Lodge

While you’re at Great Wolf Lodge, make sure to take advantage of our wide range of super fun activities perfect for your next family vacation. To get more details, find your nearest Great Wolf Lodge location to see what other shopping experiences you can have. Hours and location for the candy shop will be listed on the site!

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