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Have Fun with Toddlers Indoors During Winter

It’s hard thinking of toddler activities to keep your child engaged and developing when it’s freezing
outdoors. There are plenty of toddler sensory activities or toddler learning activities you can create at
home. Read more for ideas on indoor winter activities for toddlers!

Toddler Sensory Activity with Whipped Cream

Have an edible playtime with whipped cream and maybe even hot chocolate on the side!
Cover some pretzels, rice crackers or fruits in whipped cream and have your toddler dig around for that
delicious prize. This can double up as snack and play time for the perfect nap afterwards.

Toddler Learning Activity

• Pop a spaghetti noodle into some Play Dough and thread other noodles onto the spaghetti for
some fine motor practice.
• Draw a shape and fill it with stickers to color inside the lines – another fine motor practice
peeling and applying the stickers to the sheet!
• Finger painting is a classic and colors can be taught along the way
• Sorting items by color – this can be done with stickers, toys, foods or clothes!

Winter-themed Crafts for Toddlers

• Creating a cotton ball snowman
• Glittery ice or snow to melt
• Color the snow/ice with food coloring to learn about different colors

Have some more fun when they develop and learn more about the world. The Great Wolf blog has plenty of entertaining ideas. You can even have outdoor fun with your toddler later at Great Wolf if you wish!

Looking for some in-person fun for the whole family? Learn more about Snowland at Great Wolf Lodge.

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