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Enjoy This Balloon Tutorial From Great Wolf Lodge!

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We love our arts and crafts at Great Wolf Lodge. This week, we’re looking at different ways we can get creative with balloons.

This activity can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Balloons are also widely affordable, making them accessible to anyone interested in experimenting with this kind of craft material. If you want to know more about balloon art, watch the tutorial on our Facebook page.

We’ll show you how to create three different shapes. You’ll learn to twist, sculpt and mold your balloons into a butterfly, flower bouquet, and a wolf. Ahh-wooooooo!

Don’t forget to take photos of the experience and post them on social media! You can tag us @greatwolflodge. You can also explore our blog for more fun things to do with the family. Each week, we bring our readers some original recipes, activities, travel tips, and more.

You can even visit us at the lodge! Save up to 30% on your next trip with the promo code SPRING1. Our Spring into Summer Sale ends on 4/25.

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