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Family Bonding Activities and Games

Strengthen your family relationships by reserving some time on the weekends for family bonding activities and games! Great Wolf is here with ten ideas for quality family time.

1. Family Picnic: Pack up your family’s favorite snacks and head to your neighborhood park for an afternoon picnic! Pack card games and other activities to play outside.

2. Bike Ride: Bike rides are a great way to bond with the family by spending some outdoors time together! Go on a long ride around your neighborhood or load up the car with bikes and head to a trail!

3. Living Room Karaoke Night: Pick up an at-home karaoke set or improvise with make-believe microphones for a super fun karaoke night in your living room!

4. Backyard Scavenger Hunt: Have one family member write the clues for a backyard scavenger hunt and hide the items around the yard. The rest of the family will follow the guide to find the items!

5. Charades Night: Play a game of charades in your living room! No supplies needed for this super fun game that allows everyone to get creative.

6. Go bowling: Bring out everyone’s competitive side with a night out on the town at your neighborhood bowling alley!

7. Arts and Crafts: Arts and crafts are a calming activity that the whole family can participate in. Grab your coloring books, markers, friendship bracelet string, and watercolors and relax!

8. Play a game of “This or That”: Similar to Would You Rather, you play “This or That” by naming two objects that are similar and the other player has to say which they prefer. You can switch around who is the namer and who is the guesser!

9. Family Dinner: Family bonding can be as easy as all sitting at the table together for a nice home cooked meal!

10. Take a Day Trip to Great Wolf Lodge: Drive to your nearest Great Wolf Lodge location (if accessible) for an indoor water park day trip with the family!

For more fun family bonding and activity ideas, head to the Great Wolf blog!

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