DIY Pool Noodle Horse Race

The DIY Pool Noodle Horse Race With Lynn Lilly – Paws ‘N Play

DIY Pool Noodle Horse Race
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Back to school season is upon us, but at the Great Wolf Lodge, the fun never ends! Kick off the school year with a fun activity you can do with the whole family during recess.

This wild craft is fun-approved for all paws large and small. To begin, gallop out of the water with your favorite pool noodle during the weekend or after school. When you’re finished, make sure to store your noodle somewhere safe. Bring it out again during the week so you can enjoy a race during recess!

Remember, taking breaks throughout the day has been shown to help students remain focused and engaged in their school activities, especially when working from home. Engaging in recreations that promote physical exercise does an even better job of nurturing memory, concentration and cognition. Moving around is also a healthy way to burn calories, release energy and reduce stress.

Whoa, there, buddy. Get your paws ready to hold your horses. Read on below for a step-by-step guide provided by creative living expert Lynn Lilly.


  • Pool Noodle
  • Scissors
  • White Yarn
  • Wiggle Eyes
  • Purple Felt
  • White Felt
  • Liquid Glue
  • Craft Knife
  • Black Permanent Marker

Time to Craft: 30 minutes 

Step 1: Fold the white felt vertically and cut from the open side to the folded side. Be sure to not cut it through completely. Set aside to use for later.

Step 2: Fold your pool noodle at the top to determine where your horse’s head will be. Measure and mark with a black permanent marker. See where Lynn Lilly decided to position her fold below.

Step 3: Draw a line from the measured places. Using your craft knife, carefully cut along the measured line on your pool noodle. *Ask a parent to help with this part.

Step 4: Pour glue into the cut on the pool noodle.

Step 5: Take your white felt and place the folded side into the cut on the pool noodle so that the cut white felt sticks out of the cut. What a beautiful mane!

Step 6: Fold your pool noodle at the top near the mane to make the horse’s head. Wrap white yarn around the folded pool noodle and tie and secure it in place.

Step 7: Carefully cut two leaf shapes from the purple felt. Make a vertical cut along the bottom of the leaf. Overlap the two sides and glue together so it forms a concave shape.

Step 8: Use a craft knife to cut two slits on the top fold of the pool noodle. *Ask a parent to help with this part. Glue the purple felt ears to the new slits on the pool noodle.

Step 9: Glue wiggly eyes to the front of the pool noodle horse.

Step 10: Draw two circles with your black permanent marker to give your horse some nostrils.

Step 11: Name your horse. We like the names Wiley, Violet, Oliver, Rachel, Sammy, or Brinley! Gallop along with your new horse friend on the lawn or set up a race against other family members.

We hope you had a blast making your very own pool noodle horse pal with Lynn Lilly! Visit us again soon for more ideas on how to have fun at home with the family during your eLearning recess break. If you’re curious about visiting Great Wolf Lodge, be sure to read our Paw Pledge. We’re committed to keeping your family safe while you play!


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