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6 Awesome Moon Sand Recipes for Kids

Looking for new and exciting ways to entertain the kids at home? Think about learning how to make moon sand! The material, which is similar to playdough, is a great resource to use when teaching the little ones about shapes, blocks, or other fun designs. The best part? Homemade moon sand won’t dry out, meaning you can use it more than once.

Best Moon Sand Recipes For Kids

A DIY moon sand recipe doesn’t require many ingredients, either. In fact, you can probably find most already stocked in the pantry. Check out our favorite recipes below to get started on some sensory play exercises today!

1. Fluffy Moon Sand

moon dough flour recipe
Source: Happy Mothering

This homemade moon sand recipe is so fluffy and so much fun to play with, it even has its own nickname: Cloud Dough! This simple recipe calls for 8 cups of flour and 1 cup of oil. We used baby oil for the best results. Combine your ingredients together, mix well, and enjoy!

2. Lavender Moon Sand

This moon sand recipe is easy to make and smells amazing! You’ll need to gather 8 cups of all-purpose flour and 1 cup vegetable or baby oil to get started. Dump them into a large bowl and mix with your hands until evenly distributed. Then, add a few drops of lavender essential oil into the mixture. Kids will love the way it smells!

3. Blue Moon Sand

Glitter moon dough recipe
Source: Our Kid Things

If you would love to see your moon sand really pop, then check out this next recipe! Combine 8 cups flour, 1 cup oil, and blue food coloring into a large bowl and mix together.

We used blue but you can use whatever color you like best. You only need a few drops to get started. The more drops you use, the darker your mixture will become. You can also substitute food coloring with color-tinted glitter to give your moon sand a special shimmer!

4. Rainbow Moon Sand

rainbow moon sand
Source: YouTube

Still looking for some more color! Then check out this next homemade moon sand recipe! Combine eight cups of flour and one cup of oil into a bowl. Then, grab three or four different types of food coloring and pour them into separate measuring cups.

Divide your mixture up into as many kinds of colors as you’re planning to make. For example, if you have five types of food coloring, you’ll want to divide your mixture up into five different bowls.

Stir your food coloring into each mixture. Then, combine all your colors into one pan. You can use this recipe to introduce colors, sensory play and so much more!

5. Gluten-Free Moon Sand

This DIY Moon sand recipe isn’t just tons of fun to put together, it’s also gluten-free! Instead of using flour, you’ll want to stick to either baking powder or baking soda. Use 3/4 of whichever you prefer.

Add another 3/4 of gluten-free corn starch and 1 cup of oil (added 1/4 at a time for your preferred texture). Stir well and distribute to the kids. They’ll love whatever activity you have planned!

6. Edible Moon Sand

little kids love to play with moon sand
Source: Kids Activities with Alexa

Planning on doing some sensory play with little kids? Be sure to kick things off with this easy DIY moon sand recipe! This taste-safe option is great for toddlers who love to put their mouths where they don’t belong.

Choose the kids’ favorite kind of crackers or cookies. Grab a few at a time and throw it into the blender. Because you aren’t using any flour or oil, this moon sand mixture will have a more rocky texture. Throw into whatever bin or container you’re using for your activity and start in on the fun!

Moon Sand vs. Kinetic Sand – What’s The Difference?

Their names may sound the same, but these two materials are far from identical. Sure, there are some notable parallels we could point out. Both materials provide a means to explore sensory play with small kids, for instance. They also contribute to free or low-budget, DIY activity materials.

But while there are plenty of similarities to draw between moon sand and kinetic sand (similar to moon dough, or cloud dough), differences do exist. To begin, kinetic sand or moon dough recipes call for more ingredients than the two typically required to make moon sand.

In place of flour, these recipes often call for real sand, glue, liquid starch, dish soap, and additional ingredients to produce a silky, moldable substance. DIY moon sand, on the other hand, tends to be more grainy in nature.

Though kids love to play with the playdough-like substances they help create, the ingredients required to create kinetic sand, moon dough, or similar sensory play items can be toxic if ingested and are not great for entertaining toddlers or little kids.

More Fun Things to do With DIY Moon Sand

Now that you’re familiar with all the easy recipes out there, it’s time to discuss some of the fun things to do with the freshly made material!

Beach Party

Throw a beach party using your moon sand recipe
Source: Barley and Birch

You can’t have a beach party without some sand! Create starfish, sandcastles, and more out of your mixture. You can even fill a tray with salt water to create a miniature ocean. Grab a towel, set up a station outside, and enjoy a full day of fun in the sun.

Space Sand

2 cup moon activities kids will love
Source: Activities with Alexa

Take a walk on the moon with your new creation! Sprinkle the top of your sensory table with crushed chocolate sandwich cookies for a more intergalactic aesthetic. You can also add miniature toy astronauts, glow in the dark stars, and asteroids made out of aluminum foil.

Excavation Bin

say hi to a new fun moon sand activity
Source: Dickinson County Conservation Board

Hide little treasures underneath the sand! Give the kids shovels to unearth what you’ve hidden. Ask them to document their findings in a notepad or DIY journal!

We hope you had a blast following our favorite DIY moon recipes! Don’t forget to check back in with us often for more fun things to do at home. You can also visit us at the lodge! Check out our Paw Pledge before your visit to learn how we can keep your family safe while you play.

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