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10 Best Water Games for Kids to Play this Summer

Summers are just around the corner. Usually, this would mean lots of hours spent in swimming pools or going to the beach to soak up the sun. Unfortunately, this time around, Covid-19 has made things complicated. Even though places have started opening up, it is better to be a little cautious where children are concerned.

If you are a parent struggling with having kids bound at home and glued to the screen 24/7, you are in for a treat. We have the perfect idea to get you in summer mode with lots of water play.

We present to you some fun-filled water activities that are sure to keep your kids busy for a couple of hours at least. They guarantee some quality family time full of laughter in this sunny weather. And the best part? They don’t require any fancy material or pre-preparation of any kind. 

Without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Best Water Games for Kids in 2024

1. Water Bucket race

All you need is a few buckets, two for each player. Once the race starts, the player has to run with a bucket full of water and dump the water in the empty bucket at the other end. Whoever has the most amount of water wins! 

A variation to this can be teams of two whereby player A runs to player B, dumps water, and player B then runs back to player A’s place.

2. Water Balloon activities

Water balloons are the OG of water activities. With so many variants of water balloons available in the market such as the rapid-filling Bunch O Balloons, it is no longer a hassle to fill lots of balloons to prepare for a water balloon fight. Below are some of the games that can be played using water balloons.

  • Water Balloon Dodgeball

Like in the regular dodgeball, the two teams stand at the far ends, and in the center area, the water balloon bucket has to be placed. Once the game starts, everyone has to run for the balloons and aim them at the opposing team. Once you get hit, you are out. The team that stays dry longer wins. This game is sure to induce fits of laughter.

  • Water Balloon Piñatas

This game requires a string on which a few water balloons have to be attached. You can blindfold all the participants turn by turn and hand them a plastic bat. Each player gets a turn at swinging, and every time they pop a balloon, they are sure to be rewarded with a splash of water!

You basically use filled water balloons and hide them across the yard and the players have to find as many balloons as they can within a set amount of time. Once, the time ends, they can use their discovered ‘treasure’ to have a full-on water balloon fight!

  • Water Balloon Tag

This is the usual tag game with a slight twist. The ‘it’ has to run with a water balloon in his hand, and if he is successful at aiming someone with the balloon and bursting it, then that person becomes ‘it’. 

  • Water Balloon fight

Water balloons are so entertaining to play with that they can be used just like that to have a water fight, without any specific game or rule in place. The players can just toss and squirt them at each other, each person for himself.  

3. Sponge Ball fun

This is sure to be a hot favorite.

To make a sponge ball, you will need a bunch of sponges and rubber bands. First, divide the sponges into stacks of three. Next, cut them lengthwise and tie them from the middle using a rubber band. Spread all the sponge strips and voila! You have a sponge ball!

These balls can be dunked into a water bucket and used to have a water fight. These can also be used for a relay race where each team of two stands opposite to each other with a bucket and a sponge ball. Each player has to shoot the ball in their partner’s bucket. The team with the most successful number of tosses wins.

4. Trampoline Splash

If you have a trampoline in your backyard, simply place water balloons on it and let the kids jump away. They will have a great time crushing balloons while jumping, squealing every time they are squirted with water.

If you don’t have a trampoline, you can use a small baby pool or any spare box and let the kids stomp away.

5. Jumping rope with water

The simple jumping rope activity can become a great water game. Each player must hold a container full of water and jump the rope ten times. Whoever has spilled the least amount of water wins. 

This is a simple game with little preparation required but it guarantees to get the participants in a competitive mood with lots of water being splashed.

6. Fill the Bucket

This is a fun water game that requires a sponge and two buckets for each player. Two buckets have to be placed adjacent to one another, with only one filled with water. The goal is to soak the sponge in the bucket, run to the other side and squeeze the sponge in the bucket. The player whose bucket gets full first wins.

7. Kiddie pool toe diving

This is a kind of treasure hunt whereby you put different toys in a kiddie pool. The kids are supposed to take out these toys using their toes. Whoever takes out the most toys wins. To make it more challenging, the players can be blindfolded. This is super fun and every time anyone loses balance and crashes in the pool, everyone gets splashed with water.

8. Passing the cup

This is a super-competitive water game enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Here are the step by step instructions:

  • Divide into teams. 
  • Each team has to sit in a straight line facing forward. 
  • The person at the end of the queue has to face backward. 
  • Two buckets are placed at each end of the line for each team. 
  • The front bucket has to be filled with water and the bucket at the back has to be empty.
  • The people sitting at the front of the line are given a cup and they have to fill it with water and pass it back to their teammates over the head until it reaches the last person who pours it into the empty bucket. They then pass the cup forward and the process starts again.
  • The team whose bucket gets filled fastest will win.

9. Toss the ball

Use a kiddie pool and add a circular swimming tube to it. Ask the kids to toss plastic balls within the ring. This will keep them engaged for a while and also improve their motor skills. 

10. Sponge Bulls-Eye

Use white chalk to make circles on the ground and write different scores on them. Soak a sponge and try to toss them within these circles. The person with the maximum score wins!

These are some entertaining games that will add joy to your everyday lives. Do not forget to clean up the water balloon remains after playing.

Happy splashing!

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