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Wake Up with Wiley and Friends

Start your morning with Wiley and Friends.

Enjoy Yoga Tails where you can find your inner zen, watch The Great Clock Tower Show as it comes to life or become an expert on Northwood’s animals during Wolf Walk. Be sure to have your camera ready, a Great Wolf Kid might join in on the fun at any time!

Times vary daily. Check our online Event Calendar or see your Lodge Life activity guide upon arrival.


Pick the perfect wand and customize it just for you before playing ShadowQuest at Great Wolf Lodge.

Yoga Tails

Kids will find their inner Zen during our fun and creative yoga class that is designed to stimulate energy, imagination and self-expression. Our fun breathing games and stories about The Great Wolf Kids will spark your child’s inner yogi. They’ll be fluttering like butterflies, rolling like happy bears and standing tall like trees.

The Great Clock Tower Show

Watch in wonder as the Great Clock Tower friends come to life, enchanting your wolf pups with Northwoods songs, stories, jokes and more. Children cherish the opportunity to interact with these sweet, funny personalities, and laughter and joy make the best family memories!

Wolf Walk

Make our wild Wolf Walk part of your family vacation fun. A morning prrrrrowl around the Grand Lobby engages your kids in learning about wolves, bears, raccoons and other Northwoods animals. At the end, they’ll learn how to fold their very own origami wolf souvenir!

Get in the groove as you stomp your paws to the beat during our family-friendly music based aerobics class, Wolfercise


Get in the groove and feel the vibes as you stomp your paws to the beat during our family-friendly music based aerobics class. All age and activity levels are encouraged to join in the fun.