With the help of the light pixies, conquer new quests tocollect runes, battle creatures from the dark worlds and SAVE THE LIGHT

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Meet a few characters you'll encounter on your journey



Lumina is the leader of the light pixies, the guardians of the sky lights. Lumina, while harboring fears, always portrays a brave face and will do anything she can to protect her friends.



Malaki the Shadowlord is egotistical and will berate the Magi, consistently underestimating the Magi's abilities. His voice is proud, bombastic and authoritarian. Malaki was the student of Ivan, until in an epic duel, Ivan and the Kingbreakers forced Malaki to flee through a portal to the darkness. The Magi must win the battle against Malaki to save the light.



Ivan is a famous Runemaster Yeti who has traveled far and wide. He is trustworthy, kind, warm, confident, jovial and somewhat crafty/mischievous. Ivan is greatly heartened by the Magi's appearance, for he can give the Magi a winning edge in the upcoming challenge.

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How To Play

Your Journey to Save the Light

With a magic wand in hand, help Lumina and Ivan save the light while exploring enchanted worlds, conquering quests and collecting runes. Prepare to defeat Malaki in the final battle to receive the Medal of Light and complete this courageous adventure. Only you, Magi, can help SAVE THE LIGHT.

Begin by choosing a magic wand. The wand is essential to conquer the quests and defeat Malaki.

Adorn with a topper. No wand is complete without a magic topper.

Begin your adventure. Make your way to Lumina as she will guide you to the first quest.

Where To Play

Save the light at these locations