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Explore Toddlers Activities at Great Wolf Lodge

Discover the perfect activities for your wolf pups inside and outside the water park at Niagara Falls, Ontario. From the zero-depth entry kiddie pool to arts and crafts in Cub Club, the smallest member of your family will find something to howl about.

Fort MacKenzie™

Fort MacKenzie
Splash-loaded, user-activated water features are a “must-do” when visiting Fort MacKenzie.
Thumbnail of Fort MacKenzie Thumbnail of Great Wolf Waterpark Rides Image - Fort Mackenzie Tree House Thumbnail of Fort Mackenzie Right Arrow

Fort Mackenzie™

Reviews (54)

We've turned splashing into an adventure at Fort Mackenzie, our 4-story interactive tree house in the center of our 84 degree indoor water park. Adventure through suspension bridges, treetop slides and soaking spray stations. If that doesn't get you drenched, just wait for our 1,000-gallon bucket to tip from the treetops.

View safety rules (+)

  • The water bucket dumps over 1000 gallons of water. Use caution when standing directly under the bucket area.
  • Running, hanging, or swinging on ropes is not permitted
  • No age/height limit
  • Please do not bend or cover hoses to spray guests on deck
  • Banging toys together is not permitted


Click here for Wiley's Safety Club rules.

Crystal River

Crystal River
Bond with Dad as you both float down Crystal River at Great Wolf Lodge.
Thumbnail of Crystal River Thumbnail of Crystal River Thumbnail of Crystal River Right Arrow

Crystal River™

Reviews (39)

Buddy up or go solo. Just let the current sweep you along the endless, winding 500,000 litre lazy river.

View safety rules (+)

  • Guests are not permitted on the island in the river
  • No piling, stacking, or throwing tubes
  • No rough play, flipping, or pushing of tubes
  • All guests must have a tube, no free swimming allowed
  • Exit at designated stairways only
  • Life jackets are permitted


Click here for Wiley's Safety Club rules.

Rainbow Lake

Rainbow Lake at Great Wolf Lodge
Father and son quality time can be spent together in our wave pool.
Thumbnail of Rainbow Lake at Great Wolf Lodge Thumbnail of Rainbow Lake at Great Wolf Lodge Thumbnail of Rainbow Lake Water Park at Great Wolf Lodge Right Arrow

Rainbow Lake™

Reviews (44)

Enjoy our massive indoor wave pool filled with 450,000 litres of pure water fun. The waves are continuous for a 3 minute time frame every 10 minutes. Rainbow Lake ranges from zero-depth entry to 5 feet deep.

View safety rules (+)

  • There is a strong current in this attraction
  • No rough play
  • Enter at shallow end only
  • All swimmers are strongly suggested to wear a life jacket due to the challenging nature of this attraction
  • Waves can sweep you off your feet
  • Waves will be on and off throughout the day
  • Weak or non-swimmers without life jackets should stay in the shallow end
  • Water Wings are prohibited in the Wave Pool


Click here for Wiley's Safety Club rules.

Kiddie Slides

Great Wolf Niagara Waterpark Rides Images - Kiddie Slides and Rides
Your little ones will never get bored on our safe, fun waterslides at our Niagara location; they're created with the youngest members of your wolf pack in mind.
Thumbnail of Great Wolf Niagara Waterpark Rides Images - Kiddie Slides and Rides  Thumbnail of Muskrat Run - Kiddie Slide Thumbnail of Salmon Run - Kiddie Slide

Kiddie Slides

Reviews (40)

We offer exciting-yet-safe kiddie slides that the little ones will want to try again and again and again ...

View safety rules (+)

  • Guests must be between 35” and 48” tall to ride
  • One person at a time
  • Remain seated feet first and in an upright position throughout the course of the ride.  No head first or belly sliding allowed.
  • Parents or guardians supervising their children may catch children at the bottom and exit landing area quickly
  • Life jackets are permitted on this ride


Click here for Wiley's Safety Club rules.

Loon Lagoon

Loon Lagoon
Loon Lagoon is our outdoor pool and a patio area where there is something for everyone.
Thumbnail of Loon Lagoon Thumbnail of Loon Lagoon Thumbnail of Loon Lagoon Right Arrow

Loon Lagoon™

Reviews (35)

Outdoor Pool ranges from zero depth entry to four feet. Loon Lagoon includes water basketball, kiddie activities, and water effects including floor geysers and spray features, as well as heated water. There is a patio area with tables and chairs so you can relax in the sun. Loon Lagoon Outdoor Waterpark is open open daily (Memorial Day through Labor Day) from 10:00am through 7:00pm on a weather permitting basis. Plus outdoor kiddie slide at zero depth entry. Visit the Crazy Loon for a wide selection of refreshing beverages and cocktails and mouth watering food selections fresh off the grill. Join in on various poolside activities including live entertainment; hoola hoop contests, bingo and much more (see Lodge Life for schedule). There's something for everyone.

View safety rules (+)

  • Wristbands must be worn at all times unless under the age of 3; this includes spectators.
  • No jumping, running, or diving
  • No carry-in food or coolers allowed in outdoor pool area
  • No dunking or hanging on basketball rims or nets
  • Enter and exit the pool at designated areas only
  • “Piggy Back” or shoulder riding is not allowed
  • Children must be supervised at all times
  • Water toys are not permitted in the outdoor pool
  • Life jackets are permitted
  • Protect your skin!  Use a waterproof sunscreen with at least SPF 15 – even when it’s cloudy.  And be sure to reapply it frequently.  Sunscreen is available for purchase at the gift shop.


Click here for Wiley's Safety Club rules.

Chipmunk Cove

Chipmunk Cove
Even the youngest member of your wolf pack can have fun in the water attractions at Great Wolf Lodge.
Thumbnail of Chipmunk Cove Thumbnail of Chipmunk Cove

Chipmunk Cove™

Reviews (34)

Little ones can safely toddle along, exploring the spray-and-play features, or wade into the zero-depth entry kiddie pool with a maximum depth of 1'6".

View safety rules (+)

  • No running, jumping, or diving
  • Water toys and furniture are not allowed in zero-depth pool


Click here for Wiley's Safety Club rules.

Scooops Kid Spa

Scooops Kid Spa
Spend quality time with your special princess at Scooops Kid Spa.

Scooops® Kid Spa

With whimsical wall murals, ice cream cone stools, and oversized banana split pedicure thrones, Scooops Kid Spa – our special spa designed for kids - proves that life can have a cherry on top, without being over-the-top.

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Cub Club

Great Wolf Lodge's Cub Club features crafts and activities that will not only entertain your pup but also enlighten.
The Cub Club is packed with fun activities and crafts for kids.

Cub Club®

At Great Wolf Lodge we have a rule: Everything must be fun. Since that goes for learning too, we created this haven especially for your Wolf Pups. We’ve packed our Cub Club with activities and crafts designed to enlighten and entertain your younger ones. They’ll have so much fun, they won’t even notice they’re learning.

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Northern Lights Arcade

Great Wolf Activities Image - Northern Lights Arcade
Northern Lights Arcade is packed with games and family fun.

Northern Lights™ Arcade

If kids designed your family room, it would probably look something like this. Our sprawling, family-friendly arcade is packed with over one hundred games designed to bring out the inner child in everyone.

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Great Wolf Stuffing Station

Great Wolf Activities Image - Build a Bear
Little wolf pups can take home a new pal at the Great Wolf Stuffing Station.

Stuffing Station™

Create your very own stuffed wolf and other stuffed animal friends from the animal kingdom!

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Daily Activities

Daily Activities
Stomp. Stomp. Clap. Clap. Howl!!! The perfect ending to a Great Wolf Lodge day!

Daily Activities

Join us at Great Wolf Lodge for great daily activities like Wolf Walk, The Great Forest Friends Show, and Story Time.

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