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Safety Guidelines

For your maximum safety and enjoyment while visiting our waterpark, please keep the following guidelines in mind.
Please obey the lifeguards at all times.  They are staffed so that you may experience our rides to the utmost enjoyment while remaining safe.
For your safety, the facility routinely conducts drills and Vigilance Awareness Training using under water mannequins and live actors to simulate emergency situations.  Don’t be surprised to see our lifeguards identifying and rescuing a lifelike mannequin rescue doll as this type of training prepares our lifeguards to better respond should an actual emergency occur.  For further information, see a waterpark manager.
The waterpark is exclusive to our guest use only.  Wristbands must be worn by anyone ages 3 and over entering the waterpark – no exceptions.

General Rules That Apply Throughout the Waterpark:

  • Please obey the rules provided by signs and staff.
  • Parents:  your child’s safety is a shared responsibility.  Lifeguards are provided for monitoring the safety of all guests and should not be considered supervision for your child. 
  • Children under the age of 18 should be accompanied by a supervising adult at all times.
  • Breakable containers, coolers, and carry-in food or beverages are prohibited.
  • Towels must stay in the waterpark
  • Proper swim attire is required.  Denim and suits with rivets, buckles or zippers are not permitted.
  • Diaper wearing guests are asked to wear a protective swim diaper.  Please see a Pack Member for assistance.
  • Diaper changing facilities are located in the locker rooms.  Please do not use public areas.
  • Parents: take children to the restroom often.  Polluting pools causes an unhealthy condition.  Do not pee or poop in the pool. 
  • To keep our pools clean for everyone, please shower before and after using the pool.
  • Diving is not allowed in any pool.
  • U.S. Coast Guard approved life jackets are permitted.  All other inflatable devices are prohibited.  Courtesy life jackets are provided on a first come basis and must remain in the waterpark. 
  • Guests less than 48” tall and weak or non-swimmers should wear a life jacket.
  • Children under the height restriction may not ride on the slides with an adult (may not ride on the adult’s lap)
  • Great Wolf Lodge is not responsible for items lost, damaged or stolen.  Lockers are available for rent.
  • Guests with physical challenges should see the Aquatics Manager on Duty for assistance.  Wheelchairs and other devices can be utilized for access to the attractions but must be removed from water over 6 inches deep so as not to create an entrapment hazard for other guests.
  • Additional rules may vary for each attraction and are posted at each location.
  • For your safety, you should be in good health to ride. Only you know your physical conditions or limitations. If you suspect your health could be at risk for any reason or you could aggravate a pre-existing condition of any kind, DO NOT PARTICIPATE!
  • There are inherent risks in the participation in or on any amusement ride or attraction. You have a duty to exercise good judgment and act in a responsible manner while participating on the ride or attraction and to obey all oral and/or written warnings. You also have a duty to properly use all ride or attraction safety equipment provided.

Slap Tail Pond (Wave Pool)

  • There is a strong current in this attraction
  • No rough play
  • Enter at shallow end only
  • All swimmers are strongly suggested to wear a life jacket due to the challenging nature of this attraction
  • Guests under 48” tall should wear a life jacket and be accompanied by an adult at all times
  • Waves can sweep you off your feet
  • Waves will be on and off throughout the day
  • Weak or non-swimmers without life vests should stay in the shallow end

Chinook Cove (Activity Pool)

  • Parents should accompany small children and weak or non-swimmers should wear a lifejacket
  • Running, diving, rough play and splashing are not permitted
  • Do not shoot basketballs from outside the pool or designated area
  • Do not dunk basketballs or hang on the rims
  • No shaking, twisting of, or standing on floatable (snake and log)
  • No flippers, snorkels, or toys allowed in the pool

RiverCanyonRun (Family Raft Ride)

  • River Canyon Run is a multi-passenger family raft ride with splashes, quick acceleration, steep drops, and a landing pool finish
  • Guests must be at least 42" tall to ride.  Infants and toddlers are not permitted.
  • Guests 42” to 48” must be accompanied by an adult
  • Two, three, four, or five riders per tube are permitted with a combined weight not to exceed 800 lbs
  • Single or double tubes are not permitted
  • Riders should remain seated, facing inward and grasping handles throughout the course of the ride
  • Loose items such as hats and visors are not permitted and glasses should be secured by a strap
  • Guests are permitted to wear life jackets while riding

Big Foot Pass

  • The Lily pads are a one-way activity and only one guest at a time per Lily pad
  • Guests under 48” tall should be accompanied by an adult and wear a life jacket
  • No climbing on ropes
  • No running across Lily pads
  • Guests must exit water area immediately after falling off pads (Guests cannot get back on or swim in this area)

AlbertaFalls(Tube Slide)

  • Guests must be at least 42" tall to ride
  • Guests 42” to 48” must be accompanied by an adult to ride
  • Single riders may ride in a single inner tube or in the rear of a double inner tube
  • Single tube, one rider only.  Double tube, no more than two riders with the smaller person in front.
  • 250 lbs maximum on single inner tube, 400 lbs maximum on double tube
  • Correct riding position requires guests to remain seated in the hole, facing forward, and grasping the handles throughout the course of the ride.  Stopping, changing positions, or forming chains is not permitted.
  • Guests must exit splash pool quickly; steps for exit only (entering/sitting not allowed)
  • Life jackets are permitted on this ride and recommended for guests under 48” tall

Howlin’ Tornado

  • Howlin’ Tornado is a multi-passenger raft ride with splashes, quick acceleration, steep drops, and a landing pool finish
  • Guests must be at least 48” tall to ride
  • Two, three, or four riders are permitted; the combined weight of riders shall not exceed 700 lbs.
  • Single or double tubes are not allowed
  • Riders must sit facing one another, remain seated, and hold on to tube handles at all times
  • Loose items such as hats, visors, etc. are not permitted and eyeglasses must be secured
  • Guests are permitted to wear life jackets while riding
  • This ride is recommended for guests in good health and good physical condition
  • Pregnant women, guests with heart conditions, guests with neck or back problems, and guests under the influence of alcohol or drugs are encouraged not to participate
  • Please stay in your raft until instructed to exit by the lifeguard
  • Please exit the splash pool quickly; steps for exit only (entering/sitting not allowed)


  • The water bucket dumps over 1000 gallons of water. Use caution when standing directly under the bucket area.
  • Running, hanging, or swinging on ropes is not permitted
  • No age/height limit
  • Please do not bend or cover hoses to spray guests on deck
  • Banging toys together is not permitted

TotemTowers(Body Slides)

  • One rider on slide at a time
  • Guests under 42” tall must be supervised by an adult
  • Correct riding position requires guests to remain on their back, feet first with legs crossed at the ankles and arms crossed over the chest throughout the course of the ride.  Stopping, changing positions, and forming chains are not permitted.
  • 250 lbs maximum weight limit on slides
  • Exit slides run-out quickly to the sides
  • Life jackets are permitted on this ride
  • Guests are not allowed to sit at the end of the slide

Cub Paw Pool (Kiddie Pool)

  • Guests must be 48” tall and under to play unless accompanied by a child
  • No running, jumping, or diving
  • Water toys and furniture are not allowed in zero-depth pool

Whooping Hollow

  • Guests must be less than 48” tall or accompanied by a child
  • Children under 48” tall must be supervised by an adult
  • Guests over 48” tall are not permitted on slides
  • One person at a time.  Lap riding is not allowed.
  • Remain seated feet first and in an upright position throughout the course of the ride.  No head first or belly sliding allowed.
  • Parents or guardians supervising their children may catch children at the bottom and exit landing area quickly
  • Life jackets are permitted on this ride

Hot Springs(Hot Tub)

  • No jumping or diving
  • No climbing on rocks
  • Proper swimming attire is required
  • Infants, small toddlers, elderly guests, pregnant women, and guests with heart conditions or diabetes should not enter the hot tub without prior medical consent and permission from their doctor
  • Observe reasonable time limits (10-15 min).  Long or repetitive use may result in nausea, dizziness, or fainting.

Ellis & Associates Certified Lifeguards
In an ongoing effort to ensure guest safety and satisfaction, Great Wolf Resorts™ (GWR) has partnered with Jeff Ellis & Associates (E&A), a private, outside consulting firm specializing in aquatic risk management.  To keep our standards and practices at the highest levels possible, GWR will typically do a number of drills and skills tests during hours of operation.  In addition to this, Ellis & Associates will perform four unannounced operational audits per year at each facility, testing them in areas of professionalism, diligence in scanning techniques and rescue skills, as well as their ability to manage an aquatic emergency.  If you have any questions regarding our Risk Management Program, please feel free to contact an aquatic manager.

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