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Great Wolf Lodge on Facebook

Great Wolf Lodge

They’re waiting for you. (Fan photo: Dana Z.)

Great Wolf Lodge on Facebook

Lisa Malinowski Mucci

What happened to the New England FB page?

Great Wolf Lodge on Facebook

Great Wolf Lodge

3, 2, 1…

Great Wolf Lodge on Facebook

Susan Jenkins Miller

For those of you have visited, what are your must have add-ons to the experience for a 7 year old girl?

Great Wolf Lodge on Facebook

Natalie Van Kesteren

I was at great wolf lodge in Niagara Falls and had a less then adequate experience. I reached out to management, sent an email when I got home and filled out the survey sent to me asking to be contacted. But still 4 days latter not a word! I was disappointed by the lack of enforcement of almost all rules! Which led to me an my daughter getting hurt (kicked in the face) and leading to a very upsetting visit. Does Great Wolf Lodge only acknowledge good feedback and ignore any negative? I feel like after spending over 400$ for one night your company does not care that employees have no regard in enforcing rules and don't care to hear about these violations!!!

Great Wolf Lodge on Facebook

Denise Rodriguez Hagan

Hello! My daughter Delaney is one of Great Wolf's biggest fans! Hoping that other Great Wolf fans could help Delaney win an adaptive bicycle by voting for her. The contest ends in 4 days and she's in second place but could make it to first with your help! All you need to do is click on her link below, enter your email address in the field on her page, then verify your vote when you get an email from The Great Bike Giveaway. Takes less than a minute! Thank you Great Wolf Fans!!!

The Great Bike Giveaway - Delaney H
Help a child with special needs win an adaptive bike in the Great Bike Giveaway

Great Wolf Lodge on Facebook

Erica Oatman Muir

Had a great time

Great Wolf Lodge on Facebook

Hayley Crain Bagby

We have been wanting to come visit and finally booked our stay! However, we found out my husband can't get home because the owners of his company are coming in so we have to cancel. It is over two weeks in advance and y'all want to charge a $40 fee? For what? With a family of 6 and kids always having things come up I don't think I will ever book a stay with y'all again.

Great Wolf Lodge on Facebook

Barbara Ann Davis-Placke

Great Wolf Lodge on Facebook

Great Wolf Lodge

A weekend of adventure awaits! (Fan photo: Michael C.)

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